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Who could gnaw trees and how to deal with a pest

Good day. Please help. Today we went to the garden, we have all adult apple trees gnawed, like after beavers, in a circle, about 40 cm high. I have doubts about whether the beavers are because they only gnawed the apple trees and nothing else. Suspicion of a water rat, but the weather is already below 0 degrees, are they really still active? Tell me, please, who could it be, how to deal with them (while they closed it with iron and scattered poison for rats)? How to reanimate trees? Thank you in advance to all who responded


and you didn’t get hares from the forest under the apple tree? there you have beavers

Hares? Sorry.

I’m wrapping habits in a windblock, I’ll be ok.

in 1992, we had it with apple trees in the country ... then there were also beavers (hares) 🙂 ... father then left these columns ... after many years, the tree turned into an excellent bush and all the apples were removed from the chair 🙂

Yes, hares so hooligans in the winter. We wrap adult apple-tree trunks with burlap or spruce branches, and wrap small ones with branches. For the winter, do not leave bait for hares on the site, especially remove all cob after cabbage. But if they liked you, then they will come

I cover up the cracked bark with either garden varieties or take a “live bark” in a tube. The neighbors had such a misfortune, after that the trees began to decay before our eyes, they were advised to make a solution of fresh mullein and clay, to smear all this on the trunk and wrap with burlap, I honestly doubted that this would help their trees, but in fact the trees were restored .

We have hares gnawing everything that is not closed. I trim the trunk of the tree with fir branches, tie it in, a tea bag soaked in birch tar inside - this is from mice, I wrap the young apple trees (crown) covering. You can’t shake old apple trees anymore, they gnaw everything that is higher than snow, cover it with varnish in the spring, new branches grow over the summer

How to reanimate trees in the event of complete circular damage to the trunk bark? In this case, really “bridges” can be a salvation. They are made before the sap flow begins, when a stable plus temperature is established, and the juice is about to move. First of all, you need to lighten the crown so that the tree can cope with its nutrition. Leave 30% if the crown is rare, and 10% if the crown is thickened. Remove all old, broken and dry branches without residue, knots and hemp all smoothly cut to the trunk. In the place of circular damage on the trunk, cut the bark to a living circle. Smoothly smooth out sections of 3-5 cm every 3-5 cm, depending on the thickness of the barrel. Then cut the branches from the same tree (those that remained from the crown trim) 1-1.5 cm thick, and cut off the sidewalls from them, about 1 / 3-1 / 4 of the diameter - they will go to the bridges. Bark and cambium should be moist, fresh. Make sure that these strips do not have kidneys and a minimum of kidney sinuses. Carefully remove the extra kidneys. Then you need to attach the cut strips to the cleaned areas on the trunk. Follow the orientation of the top-to-bottom strips. Put the bottom end downwards of the wound, and at the top cut with a sharp knife to the desired size so that a piece of bark fits snugly between the upper and lower edges, like a spacer. Make several strips in a row so that they occupy a width of the stripped area of ​​3-5 cm. Then skip the same distance and make the next bridge. As a result, the bridges should be dense, without gaps, or with a minimum gap of 1 mm. Try to do this in calm, cloudy, humid weather to prevent drying of the bark in the wind and the sun. At the end of the work, wrap several layers of food packaging film so that it covers the wound with allowances of 10 cm above and below. Finally, talk to the tree, wish it speedy healing and quick healing of the wound. Garden varieties worsen wound healing due to its composition. It’s better to put it off. The film can be removed when the bark clearly grows, when the leaves bloom on the tree.

they didn’t find any poop, but it was trodden as if people were walking and the path to the apple tree straight from the pond, they thought about beavers, forgot to indicate in the text that we have a little lake behind the fence))) while we wrapped it in bags and covered it with iron, in the spring we’ll go to revive, until juice, thought a pond nearby is good, but it turned out to be a big problem

you scared me, we have a forest nearby and there is no fence, tomorrow we will wrap the trunks of hares, and beavers are the same pests, we have a lake at 50m. so willow bushes are cut obliquely like a knife, I thought a man was chopping, my husband said it was beavers so cut, but the fact that they bite the apple trees - did not hear

they didn’t find any rabbit poop, but it was as if people walked and the path to the apple tree straight from the reservoir, thought about beavers, forgot to indicate in the text that we have a little lake behind the fence))) while we wrapped it in bags and covered it with iron, we’ll go to revive in the spring, before the juice, we thought the pond nearby is good, but it turned out to be a big problem

thanks, wrapped and covered with iron until spring, in the spring we’ll try to revive

thank you very much, I have not heard about the bark in the tube before, a great option

Thank you very much, we will thoroughly prepare for the next winter, I hope we will save our apple trees in the spring. Strange, but before this was not ....

wow, thank you very much for such a detailed answer, and if on top of these columns, to bridge the bark from the tube as they wrote above, what do you think? And then another film. And when you make a walkway, is there necessarily a distance between them, or can you make them solid around the entire circumference of a tree?

yeah, he who is warned is armed better to protect himself! I also didn’t hear that beavers like apple trees, but the path made of water and trampled as if the elephants were crawling around the apple tree and it was sharpened at an angle just like they write about beavers, we thought ... Although I read about the water rat, she likes to nibble the apple tree, but it’s like it’s not written under a pencil, it seems like she loves the roots of the apple tree, in general, they decided until spring, and there we will cover and wind it in advance so that nobody likes our trees ... except for us

It's my pleasure))

I’m afraid that if the winter is harsh, they won’t come to life (((Well, everything is in God's hands. We don’t even cut the apple trees in the fall so that they don’t freeze. Misfortune, of course. My father had a similar problem - all the hares gobbled up.

I don’t know anything about this “bark” in a tube, but it seems to me that this wisdom is not entirely natural. And how it will affect the tree is not known. Bridges can be made completely, it’s even better - there will be a larger feeding area, and some percentage of the strips may not take root. In this case, strips of bark can be cut wider. It may even try to remove the cambium bark from thick branches and insert into the damaged area. This is justified if the trunk is large enough.

thank you very much again, as always, everyone has explained

you are welcome! You can contact with me any time!