Is it convenient to live in a town house

According to the data of the capital's realtors, the demand for townhouses has almost tripled compared to 2008. Today, you can buy such housing with an area of ​​up to 150 square meters at the initial stage in the suburbs for five million rubles. This is comparable to the cost of an economical “alone” in the capital.

Townhouses are being built twenty kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, which is quite acceptable for those who prefer to live in the suburbs of Moscow and go to work in its center every day. The road takes from one and a half to two hours. This is undoubtedly a minus, but there is an opportunity to live in nature, walk on weekends through the woods with children, breathe fresh air. Anyone who knows how to appreciate this easily turns a blind eye to transport remoteness.

The described format at this stage is more profitable for construction and economical for potential homeowners. It is most suitable for those who want to live on earth, but do not have the opportunity to purchase a country house project and a large plot. Savings are obtained due to the absence of a local area as such. In front of the house and behind it, each owner has about a hundred square meters of land in front and behind the apartment.

Separately, a common area may adjoin such a house. Usually there are equipped playgrounds, covered pavilions for relaxation or even swimming pools. There are no such conditions in the city.


Useful living space is usually located on two or three levels. The first usually has a garage, hallway and kitchen. Many make an extra room out of the garage. The car can be parked right in front of the front door, there is one parking space. As a rule, in each village there is a large guarded zone for parking guest cars at the entrance to it. You can leave the car there.

The windows of the large kitchen overlook the back patio; there is also access to it from it. Usually tenants here set up benches, make awnings, build open terraces and use them for frying kebabs. The entire second floor is occupied by a spacious living room, the bedrooms are on the third floor. It is difficult even for young people to come down and go upstairs every day: their legs hurt from habit. Therefore, experts do not recommend considering this option for housing to elderly couples.

But young families feel good in townhouses. The maintenance of the section is much cheaper than the maintenance of a city apartment. Living space may be disposed of at will. Many on the ground floor make a swimming pool, equip a gym, and install a fireplace in the living room. Each family member has his own room, each floor has a bathroom and toilet. There is a lot of personal space. And this is the main plus. The downside is that such an apartment will be much more difficult to clean. Cleaning, as practice shows. Take a lot of time. But there is no need to make efforts to care for the local area.


In each section of the townhouse, heating boilers are installed, so the owners can independently control the temperature in the house: turn on and off the heating when they want to and not wait for the central highway to work.

Today there are a large number of programs that allow you to monitor the pressure in the pipes and regulate it from your smartphone. Using them is very convenient. If necessary, the emergency call is made automatically. By installing such a system, you can safely go away for a long time and not turn off the heating in the house.


The main thing is to be lucky with the neighbors. Anyone who has experience living in an apartment building knows how difficult it is to live when there are neighbors from above, from below, and from two sides of the apartment. And also the noise from the elevators, from the stairs on which someone is constantly yelling. In the townhouse, the owners have their own personal entrance, which you can use as you like. Someone makes a big porch, puts up a canopy, mounts cameras, makes him use bicycles or prams. Neighbors will only be on the sides. And there’s nothing you can do. The main thing is to be lucky and these were respectable people. If the apartment is located in the middle of the townhouse, it is worthwhile to immediately make good soundproofing walls during the repair. Then ordinary household noise will become inaudible.

There are times when neighbors open some small family production on the ground floor of a townhouse. Here it will be tight. One tenant opened a bakery, so the noise from industrial mixers quickly scared away all the neighbors, and the business owner lived in splendid isolation for a long time. But this is the exception rather than the rule. In fact, the neighbors are young families of one income, one circle of interests. Children are the first to be friends, they stimulate the acquaintance of parents, and families have the opportunity to make friends. Many use it. It enhances peace of mind and personal security.

Security and Infrastructure

Townhouse village is a guarded area fenced around the perimeter. You can safely let the children go outside and not worry about them. Kindergartens, schools, and shops are provided for residents. There are private medical centers, cafes and restaurants.

But not everywhere is such a full range of services. Therefore, before buying an apartment you need to be interested in and get acquainted with the local infrastructure. It will be difficult to live in a town house if you do not have your own car. Then you will have to get to the necessary objects on the messenger, and this is not very convenient.

The video tells about the construction of a townhouse section with an area of ​​85 square meters:

Conclusion on the topic

Initially, townhouses were considered as urban housing, but today they are being built mainly in the countryside. This type of housing is very suitable for people who are tired of the bustle of a large metropolis, who want to live in nature. Townhouse - a compromise between the project of a country house and an apartment in a high-rise building.

Source: exhibition of houses "Low-Rise Country"