Top five most dangerous apple pests

Apple tree is one of the most beloved plants of gardeners. These trees often suffer from various pests than from diseases. This article will provide information on the most dangerous pests of apple trees and what methods of combating them exist. First you should consider the top 5 most dangerous pests of apple trees.

So, the fifth place hit chart is a red tick. This insect has small dimensions, but they take in quantity. Many ticks affect apple greens, mainly focusing on the tips of the stems. These ticks calmly winter under the bark and again revive in the early spring months.

To protect the tree from them, you need to spray it with a solution of kalbofos, after shaking all the mites from there.

The fourth place in the hit parade is occupied by an apple sawfly. This insect has a light brown color, belongs to the family of Hymenoptera. Lays eggs in the summer. Larvae gnaw passages inside the fetus, reaching the center. To combat these pests in early spring, the tree needs to be sprayed with special fluids such as karbofos, horn, chlorophos, cidal, etc.

The third place is occupied by the apple bee-eater. This is a small bug, dark brown in color. Larvae infect flower buds from the inside, preventing the flower from blooming. To combat these bugs, you should spray the tree with lime milk.

But before that it is necessary to shake from the tree all the beetles on a sticky surface.

The second place is occupied by the leaflet. It belongs to the family of butterflies, looks like a moth with long antennae. Leafworm larvae feed on the leaves of apple trees. To get rid of them you need to spray the tree with tobacco dust dissolved in water.

The first place is occupied by apple aphids. These are small bugs of bright green color, they usually gather in large numbers and feed on leaf juice. Ladybugs, which eat them, are a natural biological weapon against aphids; other methods of fighting aphids can also be used.

It must be remembered that even if the apple tree grows in the garden, in any case, measures should be taken to protect it from pests, since the same insects coexist perfectly on other plants. Another way to protect trees from pests is sweetened water or kvass. They need to be poured into containers and hung on tree branches.

They will attract insects, which, in turn, will fly there and stay there forever.