How to properly grow a rose?

The rose is considered the real queen among the flowers. Beauty, grandeur and fragrant aroma are the merits of this flower. To enjoy the view of this plant in your garden, you need to know some subtleties.

To obtain a viable shoot of roses, you can choose one of the options:

  1. Buy a ready-made seedling. Before buying, it is necessary to check the seedling for appearance - damage, cracks, blackouts should not be. On a quality product, information on a specific variety and its features is necessarily indicated.
  2. Use for planting cuttings. To obtain a handle, it is necessary to cut a section of the stem with 3 buds, the bottom cut should be oblique and slightly lower than the bud, the upper one, on the contrary, is straight, its location is 2-2.5 cm above the bud. You can root in water or directly in the soil.
  3. Grow a new flower by layering. This method is acceptable for roses with well-developed strong stems. One stem at the bush is pressed to the ground, an incision is made at the base of the layering to give an incentive to the roots. Sprinkle on top of the soil, and giving the layering a vertical position, then tie it to the support.
  4. Seed germination. The most time-consuming method that specialists use to develop new fragrant varieties of roses.

The next item is landing. For landing, you need to choose the right calm place with good lighting. The soil should be neutral, medium density, with a low level of groundwater. Next, you need to prepare a pit to plant a plant. Dimensions - meter deep and half a meter in diameter. Drainage from pebbles or gravel is poured to the bottom, with a top-up layer and a layer of earth on top.

Planting material is planted on the soil layer, covered with earth and rammed. Water the sapling plentifully (at least a bucket).

A little about watering roses. Rosa on the one hand loves moisture. But at the same time, too much watering can ruin the plant. It is enough to water in the evening once a week with settled warm water.

It is necessary to pay attention to the moisture of the soil, during drought it is necessary to water much more often, almost every day.

To nourish roses, it is periodically necessary to fertilize with various mineral and organic fertilizers. Also, roses need pruning, protection from diseases and pests. In winter, roses are covered with special canvases. This protects the plant from the cold and excess moisture. In early spring, the covering sheet can be removed.