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How to sprout seeds for seedlings?

Soon, spring and ahead will begin the season of planting garden crops on seedlings. In this article, we will look at how to sprout seedling seeds correctly. For rapid germination, pre-soaking the seeds of most vegetables is used.

Seed soaking

It is best to use water after rain, or thawed, to soak vegetable seeds. Well, in extreme cases, defended water.

Before soaking the seeds, they are disinfected by placing in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 30-60 minutes. Then soaked in prepared water for 1 day. But some seeds require less soaking time. Peas are soaked for 7-8 hours, onion seeds for 30-40 hours, tomato, cabbage and cucumber for 15-20 hours, other types of crops for 24 hours.

Soak the seeds in a wide bowl. If several layers of seeds are obtained, they are layered with a paper towel or cloth. Pour water so that the seeds hide a little. Also, do not let the seeds dry out, constantly adding water. Water should be at room temperature, but not lower than 19 ° C and not higher than 27 ° C. For fast germination, growth stimulants are added.

After soaking, the seeds are planted in the ground, dried a little, or germinated.

Seed germination

Each seed of a separate vegetable crop has its own germination time and germinates at its specific temperature.

Germinate seeds in moist cloth bags, moistened with cotton wool, dampened paper towel. But it is better to germinate the seeds using expanded vermiculite. It easily releases absorbed water to nourish the roots of the germinated seeds and from it it is easy and safe to extract the germinated seeds with a fragile root system.

Germination is completed when the roots appear in seeds from 4 mm to 15 mm long. Then the germinated seeds are sown in the ground. If the soil cannot be sown immediately, place them in a plastic bag and open it a little, put in the refrigerator, monitoring the moisture of the seeds.

This method will not spoil the germinated seeds and even harden them.

Solanaceous crops (pepper, tomato, eggplant) grow especially well in expanded vermiculite. They very painfully endure picking and transplanting and move for a long time in growth after them. And after germination in expanded vermiculite, they develop a powerful root system, they easily withstand transplantation and quickly grow.

So we examined the methods of properly sprouting seeds for seedlings.

Have a rich harvest.

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