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Early flowering flowers: variety selection and planting

Early flowering flowers: variety selection and planting

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Early flowering ornamental plants will bring green and cozy colors to your garden in the first spring days. In addition to adding charm and mood to the yard, they are also useful for attracting bees and butterflies to the garden at the beginning of the season.

Some bulb flowers bloom before the snow leaves the ground. These are snowdrop, crocus, freesia, iris, lily of the valley, spring cyclamen, early tulips. There are varieties of perennial flowers that also bloom in early spring: Saintpaulia, forest forget-me-not and primrose.

There are also some perennial spring plants that begin to bloom in early spring. Those are: Forsythia, Japanese quince, dogwood, witch hazel, magnolia star.

When planning to plant spring plants, plant them depending on the flowering time so that the flower bed is constantly in bright colors.

Early bulbous flowers, such as tulip, lily of the valley, scylla, can also be distributed among other plants, so that from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn the plot is filled with flowering plants.

Perennial plants are planted in height: the lowest ones should be located in front, and decorative shrubs should follow them.

Be careful when choosing bulbs. Their quality is very important for what you get in the end. Do not buy bulbs that look dubious with soft spots on them or traces of mold.

It is also important to choose the right time for planting bulbous spring flowers. This period is September - October. Summer flowers such as dahlias and gladioli are best planted in spring.

What are the most common spring bulb flowers?

  • Lily of the valley - blooms in February - March. The flower prefers bright and cool places. It cannot grow well on dry and sandy soil. Likes moderate soil moisture.
  • Crocus - blooms in February - March. Suitable for both decorative flower beds and rocky areas. The soil should be moderately moist and have good permeability.
  • Iris - blooms in February - March. It looks especially beautiful in small groups. He loves sunny places and well-drained soil.
  • Some types of tulips begin to bloom in early March. Tulip prefers sunny places and moderately moist soil.
  • Cornflower blue - blooms from March to May. Ideal for planting between trees and shrubs. He loves sunny and semi-shady places. Grows in large colonies and goes well with daffodils and tulips.
  • Hyacinth - blooms in April - May. He likes sunny, warm places and well-drained soil. Suitable for flower beds and for planting around ornamental shrubs.
  • Narcissus - the flowering period falls on April - May. Suitable for growing small groups in flower beds between other plants, as well as large colonies. He loves sunny and semi-shady places and moderately moist soil.

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