Correctly choose tomato seedlings

Many grow tomatoes on their personal plots, but not all prepare seedlings at home. Someone once, someone lazy, and someone simply does not have a place, and therefore have to buy it. However, in order to get a good crop, seedlings must be correctly selected.

So, by what criteria should it be chosen

  1. We specify how old the seedlings are. It should range from 45 to 60 days. For her, this is the best time for planting in the ground. Overgrown and immature seedlings take root worse.
  2. A height of 30 cm is considered an acceptable size. In normal seedlings, leaves should be formed in an amount of: 6-8 for short, and 11-12 for tall varieties.
  3. Plants should have not long, but branched branches. If these are early ripe varieties, then they should not have flowers. But the flower branch must be developed. And if seedlings were grown at elevated temperatures (its sprig size is larger), then it is less able to tolerate frosts.
  4. The stem should be thick, the size of a pencil. And the color of the plant is green, without faded spots. The root system is well formed and without damage.
  5. It is necessary to inspect plants for diseases and pests. You must also make sure that there are no larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. And infectious diseases that are visible immediately on shriveled leaves. If these signs are present, such seedlings should not be taken.
  6. To improve the general appearance of seedlings, it is deliberately fed with nitrogen fertilizers when grown. This subsequently leads to a decrease in yield. Signs of top dressing are twisted leaves with a pronounced green color.
  7. Seedlings should be brought in crates with earth, and not just wrapped in cellophane or wrapped in a wet rag. Sluggish seedlings do not need to be taken.

Who to buy from

  1. It is better to buy seedlings from trusted sellers in order to be aware of the variety and quality. We must take into account even the fact that as a regular customer, you may be offered the best, and at a lower price.
  2. Do not buy seedlings from several sellers, but from one, a maximum of two. Why is that? Perhaps, one of the sellers, the land on the site is infected with some kind of disease. Buying from many sellers increases the risk that you will infect your site.
  3. When buying seedlings, give, despite the price, preference to one that is packaged in separate containers with the ground. She has almost one hundred percent survival. Those that are sold in packages partially die under adverse weather conditions. After planting, wait three weeks for the result.