Carving: how to make a masterpiece from country fruits

What is carving? In cooking, it is an art cutting of vegetables and fruits. Carving first appeared in Southeast Asia. Later, this art penetrated into Europe, but was not so common, due to the differences in taste preferences of Europeans and Asians. After the popularization of restaurants there was a need for carving. Premises required decoration, and dishes - beautiful and original presentation.

Products & Tools

Carving products can be used in a wide variety of ways. Fruits and berries as well as vegetables are ideal. Billets can be made immediately before serving or in advance. Some workpieces, if properly stored, will not lose their appearance within a few days. Fruits that tend to darken are recommended to sprinkle with lemon juice. For beginners, it is important to know that the color gamut and the quality of the products play a huge role.

There are many tools for carving, but most of the products can be made using ordinary knives, the main thing is that they are sharp.

Currently, the technique of figured fruit slicing has become popular both in Russia and around the world. Jewelry made from fruits and vegetables will suit any kind of celebration. For beginners, it is important to consider that the presented art form will require a lot of patience, attention, developed imagination and a good eye.

You can learn mastery both at home, thanks to virtual publications and literature, and in specialized courses. It hosts a large number of exhibitions and master classes around the world.

Features and Technology

Even the most ordinary dish, which we used to see on our table every day, decorated in the style of carving, will cause appetite and cheer up all members of your family. Beginners should remember that even skillfully chopped foods should be tasty. Complex products made using the carving technique are intended for aesthetic pleasure, and not for eating them.

A variety of vegetables are suitable for decorating a salad:

  • potatoes,
  • radish,
  • pumpkin,
  • cucumbers and others.

If you use tomatoes, they should be medium in size and have a uniform pulp without seeds. Pepper with its variety of colors is ideal. Each vegetable should be combined in color and flavor.

Vegetables are ideal for decorating meat dishes. Combining products, it is better to choose contrasting colors, this will make your dish more vivid. Ideal colors will be: green, red, yellow.

A few tips for beginners: first you need to wash and dry the vegetables well. Performing decorative cutting of fruits, it is worth avoiding excessive decoration of dishes, an overabundance of decorations will not give a good visual effect.

Photo gallery

Interesting and simple ideas.

There are a number of simple ideas for carving. Even a beginner can cope with the tasks.

  • The simplest thing you can do is a tomato flower. To do this, cut the vegetable in half and cut off the unnecessary parts. With a sharp knife, cut it into thin slices. After that, we stretch the slices and begin to twist them into a flower. So that the flower in the dish does not look lonely, we make the bells from the cucumber. To do this, we cut a cucumber in the shape of a petal with a sharp knife towards ourselves. It should be a bell. From a bow you can make beautiful water lilies. The resulting carving from vegetables is added to the cold cuts and you're done!

  • From carrots you can make an unusual bump. To do this, cut flakes over the entire area of ​​carrots. After finishing work, you need to lower your workpiece into ice water for 15 minutes and the decoration is ready. Also, carving on carrots, you can make many different flowers, such as dahlias, lilies, callas and many others.
  • If your children are reluctant to eat, carving from vegetables or fruits will help them to love unloved foods. Making any dish unusually, you will see with what appetite it will be eaten. The simplest thing is to make a ladybug from a tomato. To do this, cut the tomato into two equal parts and put them on a lettuce leaf. Head, legs and specks are made from olives. From vegetables you can make a huge variety of animals and insects, you only need your imagination. It is best to connect your baby to the process, because a handmade dish will be even tastier. A process such as carving from fruits or vegetables will develop perseverance and imagination in your child.

What to make from fruits and berries

From fruits and berries, you can also make many original decorations for your table. The most suitable fruits are:

  • apples
  • watermelon
  • melon
  • pears
  • fresh lemons and oranges

The most common carving of fruits and berries is a basket of watermelon. Cut it out immediately before serving. Fill the basket with a variety of sweet and sour fruits.

You can cut beautiful swans from an apple for a fruit plate, the main thing is to use sharp knives. Mandarin will make an original flower. In general, all citrus fruits are ideal for carving.

You can make a whole picture of fruit, but you don’t have to take a complicated plot. It is allowed to use skewers. Fruits can be laid out on a dish in any order, the main thing is that in the end it all looked beautiful and appetizing.

Carving workshop

Decorating a meal is easy if you have a technique like carving. You will need knives, fruits or vegetables and after a couple of minutes you can create a unique design for desserts, assorted dishes and main dishes.