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Warm floor in the country: the choice of optimal floor heating technology

Often, cottages are far from the city limits and therefore cannot be connected to a centralized gas supply network. In order to ensure the possibility of comfortable living in country houses, their owners have to resort to the use of solar, electric, water and ceramic heating appliances and systems.

The optimal solution for heating a small country house is the technology of floor heating. It guarantees efficient heating (both full and "spot") and is characterized by high ergonomics and efficiency. You can find out how they look and what opportunities electric heated floors have on the site.

Electric floor heating: features and benefits

Warm floors of the electric type can be classified into several groups: they are presented on the market by heating mats, cables and infrared film. The first two types are suitable for installation under almost any floor covering, but at the same time they need at least one layer of screed. The heating film is also suitable for installation under different coatings, but does not need a screed.

"Pros" of technology

  • safety of use - they are resistant to sudden changes in voltage and temperature;
  • ease of laying (especially when it comes to film technology);
  • profitability - in comparison with many free-standing heating appliances they consume a minimum of electricity;
  • temperature control in the building with a thermostat.

Water underfloor heating system

It is advisable to install the water floor in large areas (for example, country houses, the area of ​​which exceeds 100 squares). They operate thanks to an autonomous solid fuel generator, a pump, which is responsible for the transit of the coolant and, in fact, the coolant, in the role of which is water.

Strengths of Water Technology

  • Uniform effective heating of a large area;
  • The possibility of saving financial resources;
  • Endurance and durability.
  • The main disadvantage of water heating can be considered the complexity and high cost of the installation process.

The conclusion suggests itself: if we are talking about a standard country house of small sizes, then for its heating it is most rational to choose an electrical system. Water technology is ideal for stabilizing the temperature regime, for example, in large country cottages.