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How to harden seedlings

I heard that seedlings must be prepared for planting in open ground, otherwise young plants may not withstand temperature extremes or possible night frosts. Tell me, what is the best way to harden seedlings in order to prepare it for planting?


A couple of days before planting seedlings in the ground to feed her, then the harvest will be richer. But first, seedlings must be hardened. Hardening is carried out when the temperature in the street rises above 10 degrees and the plants begin to get used to the rays of the sun. First time take out the boxes with seedlings for four hours into the air, the next for six hours, for the third time you can leave them for at least a day. The minimum hardening period is 3 days, but the longer the better. I spend hardening in a summer cottage, taking out boxes under the open sky for the whole day, and for the night I close it in the house. I spend hardening for many days and before disembarking into the ground I reduce watering up to a complete stop five days before disembarkation. Before planting, water abundantly with the addition of potassium chloride.