Nitratomer: choose fruits and vegetables without nitrates

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables contain dangerous toxins and nitrates. This negatively affects health, especially when it comes to the body of children or the elderly. How to recognize the presence of hazardous substances in a product? Visually determine this does not work, but you can use a portable nitratomer.

Device purpose

A nitrate meter is a special device that allows you to quickly and clearly determine whether nitrates are present in products. In addition, there are special nitratomeres dosimeters on the market that make it possible not only to find out about the presence of nitrates in products, but also to determine the level of radiation in them.

Devices are indispensable helpers for those who care about their health.

Variety of products

There are several types of devices on the market.

They are divided by type of food:

  • stationary (mains powered);
  • portable (battery powered).

According to the type of work, the nitrate meter can be:

  • analogue
  • digital.

An analog device is different in that its readings have to be recounted. The error of the readings is rather high, the scale of the device looks similar to the scale of a voltmeter. The memory of such a device can store up to 9 positions. Unlike a digital product, an analog device can detect soil acidity.

Digital instruments give accurate data. Working with them is much easier.

Of the most popular models on the market, it is worth highlighting such devices as:

Ecotester + Impulse Soeks

The device is equipped with a Russian-language interface, is able to recognize the main nitrate and radiation components. It also makes it possible to measure the voltage of the electromagnetic field.

Ecotester Co-ex

It is a compact device designed for instant recognition of nitrate-containing products.

LAQUAtwin B-740

Gives fast and accurate analysis. The device is waterproof, it is possible to analyze pastes, powders and liquids. It can be used in the laboratory, due to its accuracy.

VD-2007 Vitatest

This is a personal nitrate meter. Designed to detect the concentration of nitrate salts in products and to determine the acidity of soils. The device is compact, suitable for frequent use.

How to choose: key points

In order to choose the nitratomer correctly, several points must be taken into account.


Even in the store it is worth deciding whether you understand how to use the device. First of all, pay attention to the buttons. They should be comfortable, and the labels should be clear, otherwise you will have to constantly look into the instructions. Moreover, the latter should be understandable. Read it several times before you buy. If you still don’t understand how to use the device, then you should look for another simpler model.


It can be digital or in the form of an arrow. In the latter case, it will not be very convenient to use a nitratomer, since the arrow does not give clear readings and may tremble. Think about where you are going to use the device. If in the market or in the store, it would be better to choose the digital option.


It is worthwhile to know in advance the time limit of the device (if you prefer the option on the batteries or battery). This is necessary in order not to be upset in the future due to the constant replacement of batteries.

Measuring range

Nitratomer can measure the level of nitrates both from zero and from 8 mg / kg. The larger the range, the better.

Weight and dimensions

The device should be lightweight and compact so that it is convenient to take with you. The weight of the product is comparable to a conventional mobile phone.


This parameter is determined based on how many programs are installed on the device. The more there are, the more products you can work with. However, if you see that a large number of options only confuse you, it is better to give preference to a less “smart” product, but with a set of definitions of nitrates in those products with which you most often deal.

Information Processing Time

The faster the device responds, the more comfortable it is to work with it. It is good if the device will notify you of the result with a color signal.

Important! Each instrument must be accompanied by a quality certificate.

Nitrates in fruits and vegetables

How to use

To obtain information on the nitrate content in the product, it is enough to introduce a special probe into the vegetable or fruit. The element contains special measuring electrodes that allow you to get a result. Remember to turn on the nitratomer first and select the type of product that you intend to research.

The probe is inserted at right angles. Make sure that he does not pierce the product through. Then enable the corresponding button, the testing process will begin.

Important! During reading information, the probe must remain motionless, otherwise the accuracy will be impaired.

The principle of operation of the device

The principle of the device is that the probe determines the electromotive force of sodium ions using electrodes. Based on the current strength, it is determined how many sodium ions are in the product. So you learn about the amount of nitrates.

Nitratomer is able to accurately indicate the nitrate content only if you take a sample from fresh products. It is not possible to test canned, dried, boiled products.

Scope of use

Nitratomer is an easy-to-use unit. It can be used by both SES services and ordinary people for their needs. The device will allow you to evaluate the quality of products even at home.

The widespread use of the device is due to the fact that many vegetables and fruits contain nitrates. This is due to the fact that when growing them, special means are used to control rodents and insects containing sodium ions.

By purchasing a device, you become the owner of a compact equipment for checking products for nitrate content. The cost of the product is low, and the accuracy of the results is excellent.

You can also learn how to properly store vegetables in the country.

The small size of the device allows you to carry it with you. Thus, you can measure performance directly in the store or in the market.