We increase comfort in the country with the Smart Home system

Almost all of us are familiar with the technical innovations that the modern world offers. More often we intersect with them at home, in urban new buildings, but nothing prevents us from building a “Smart House” in the country, regardless of whether it is an expensive mansion in a cottage village or a small house in a summer house cooperative. Naturally, the level of comfort will depend on the initial scale of the cottage and the budget for such systems, but you can always start not from grandiose projects, but do otherwise - follow the path of the most necessary.

Today, intelligent systems in the country help a lot. They can be housed in a house or participate in the cultivation of plants, work on the proper functioning of the pool or with country lighting. Let’s talk in more detail about where this automation can be applied and decide how necessary it is in a particular case.

Smart summer cottage

We want to start with a country house. Let us not spend so much time in the season in it, but it is he who is the zone of comfort in which we can relax, sleep well and gain strength. If the task is as much as possible facilitated, then each summer morning will seem even more vigorous and bright.

Let there be light!

Lighting should be convenient and economical, and preferably fully automated. To do this, you can install daylight intensity sensors that enter through windows that will signal to the common panel, say, in cloudy weather, and the voltage will increase, thereby equalizing the illumination. This is no longer just a switch on the wall, thanks to which the room is either light or dark, and not a simple dimmer that needs to be twisted for a long time, adjusting the brightness of lighting, but a quite reasonable mechanism that works from a previously written program.

Lighting can be programmed differently in each room, and it is far from necessary to stop only on the correction of the light flux. You can, for example, install motion sensors in the bathroom, toilet, pantry. That is, when you are inside this room, the light is on, if you go out and the sensor does not pick up any movements within a few minutes, the light goes out.

Air conditioning and ventilation

The quality of the air inside the room in which we are often regulates our well-being, and therefore the air should be fresh, clean, and also comfortable for humans.

To do this, you can use air conditioning and ventilation.

Let us give just a few examples of proper air control in the home:

  • The hood in the kitchen turns on at the moment when something is set on the hob for cooking;
  • The hood operates in periods according to the programmed schedule;
  • The air conditioner maintains the established microclimate, observing the temperature and humidity;
  • Air conditioning regulates the temperature in the house during sleep. For example, an air temperature of 22-24 ° C is comfortable for a person, but a stronger sleep occurs with a slight cooling to 16-17 ° C. Why not apply such an installation to a smart home system that aims to control air conditioning? You can simply program it for periods in which the temperature will change, and every night in the country you will get enough sleep. And so that in the morning it is not so cold to get up from a warm bed, just before the alarm clock, the temperature can, according to a given program, return the warmer climate to the bedroom again.

Smart heating of a country house

We have said many times that the house should be warm. For this, we chose a variety of heating appliances. With the constant presence in the room, a simple convector or oil cooler can no longer do. At a minimum, a boiler will be needed for heating.

This is already a fairly reasonable apparatus if you are only considering a price niche of the middle plan and higher. Such boilers are programmed to turn on and off, constantly maintain the set temperature, react to the temperature in the street where a special sensor is installed, and equalize the heat inside the house to the desired level with respect to the street. This is very convenient, especially if you make a remote control. Thus, the day before arrival at the cottage, for example, to prepare barbecue on a snowy and frosty day, you can warm up the house perfectly.

A serious competitor for boilers is radiant heating - panels, films and special equipment that produce infrared rays that minimize convection and warm the room, not just the air inside. This is already a full-fledged participant in a smart home in the country, not even connected to the complex of intelligent control.

Water and sewage management in the house

Here, for many summer residents, the requirements are generally underestimated. Well, what can be improved there in water or sewage? Runs from one pipe, flows into another, and only. But we want to change this opinion now.

Just a few modern “lotions” can change your view of such engineering systems in a country house. Say, if the house has a bad pressure of water, the pump automatically turns on, and now a stream with the necessary pressure comes from the mixer.

With sewage, there are also many questions, especially in winter. And we’ll close one now. An ordinary heating cable, which will cost you no more than a small light bulb, will not allow the sewer to freeze even in the most severe frost, and it will not clog at the moment you arrive at the winter barbecue. Agree, eliminating problems is easier than eliminating them at the most inopportune moment.

It is worth talking about hot water. But it seems to us that this issue has long been resolved with the help of a heating boiler circuit and a water heater. But here, intelligent control is also possible - the same maintaining the required temperature. This will make possible the constant presence of hot water in the storage tank, as well as save energy.

IT, multimedia, modern electronics

It is clear that in the country there is no time to watch TV or look for a good movie for the evening. After a difficult day in the garden or in the workshop, you just want to sleep. But there are evenings that can be brightened up with a classic picture on DVD or pleasant music. Therefore, all modern devices for providing pleasures of a similar nature can be connected to one control panel, or even simpler, to a tablet or mobile phone.

Thus, through a wired or wireless connection, you can control anything, any item from a set of household appliances. A microwave, coffee maker, oven and anything else will be happy to respond to the signal you sent.

Only one condition - the device must be connected to an intelligent system and correctly programmed for a particular action.

Smart home indoor

To complement the positive experience of an automated system that is gaining in popularity today, we decided to offer you a short tour of our own smart home:

  • Internal cameras will record everything that happens in the house at the time of your absence and play back during your arrival. If necessary, a smart system will simulate your presence in the home - turn on and off the lights in different rooms, music, TV. Curtains will open and let in daylight, or vice versa, will not allow the bright sun to wake you up on a day off. This applies to rooms, and then, only to a minimum;
  • We pass into the bathroom. The water temperature is always at an established, comfortable level, the hood turns on immediately after taking a shower, drying the walls and partitions, the mirror and glass panels by replacing the air. Water sensors on the floor are always ready to send a signal to the smartphone, if there is a gust, and the warm floor regulates the temperature inside the bathroom;
  • We’re going to the kitchen ... morning coffee has already been brewed, the toaster will soon serve crispy bread, and ventilation controls the cleanliness of the air.

In principle, the essence of the project is clear to everyone, we just wanted to show all its advantages at once. But we will not stop, because we always go out of the house to the street.

Automation on the lawn

The lawn is a beautiful green carpet, but all its advantages are possible only thanks to our efforts. Mowing, watering, finishing, rolling, soil formation, heating ... only because of these processes the lawn remains in a constantly high-quality form.

So, the lawn requires systematic watering. It can be provided from an ordinary hose or diffuser, but only at the time of presence at the cottage. What to do if all week on the street the heat and the sun, and you arrive at the cottage only at the weekend. There is a way out - an intelligent irrigation system will help, which, either according to a well-established program, or depending on the temperature in the street, will include lawn irrigation.

The problem with irrigation has been solved, but what about green spaces in the autumn, for example, if we want to see greenery, and not the first snow? Here we will be helped by heating the lawn, which will not allow snow to accumulate on the surface of the soil.

Street lighting

An intelligent system in the country is not only working with the interior of the main building, but also a complete transformation of the landscape. We have already said a few words about the lawn, and therefore we will not stop, because there are still many interesting facts and suggestions ahead.

First of all, it is worth considering street lighting, about which we have written many articles.

Garden lanterns, do-it-yourself fixtures, illumination in the country house - all this we have already done, and therefore it remains only to connect the entire lighting system to the automation, install sensors and power the finished solution under a single program.

There are plenty of options:

  • Install light sensors that will independently turn on the light on the street when it begins to get dark;
  • Install motion sensors that signal the need for light at the moment a person passes in a certain area;
  • Inclusion at the right time of the original illumination, for example, garden lighting, the perimeter of the plot, the shape of the house and other buildings.

What can “Smart Home” (video)

Smart roof

In the intelligent system, you can include the roof of the house. This is a large combined area that can become quite useful.

Initially, I would like to recall the green roof, the same plant roof, about which there is a lot of discussion among modern summer residents. This works great in support of many landscape styles, and it simply pleases the eye. The roof of the house can be heated so that the plants stay green longer, even in late autumn.

But heating the roof of a country house is needed not only for plants, because the roof can be standard. In this case, the heating system will work to prevent icing, mountains of snow on the roof and dangerous icicles.

On the roof of the house, as at the highest point, you can install windmills that will convert wind energy into electricity. This is the most natural smart home system. Yes, this energy may not be enough to completely disconnect from the mains, but significant cost savings due to it are possible.

The roof can also serve as the basis for solar panels, which is also very interesting.

General landscape management

Everything that is outside the house is always under our strict attention. But there are many inconveniences that we do not notice in everyday life. If you think about them, then upgrading and connecting to the general system of some landscape novelties will greatly facilitate our work, save free time:

  • It is not difficult, but why go to the same garage every time to turn on the general lighting in the garden, if this can be done from a touch tablet;
  • Turning on the pump in the fountain or changing the water in its bowl is now also optionally manual; everything can happen automatically;
  • Again about watering the lawn - everything is tied to one automatic platform;
  • And you can also install and remove canopies over young plants by pressing only one button, drain the drainage, turn on the spread of fertilizers.

Security Watch

The security of a summer residence is very important to us. And the reason is not only the crop and equipment that are dear to us, but also our close people and children, even in the first place. Therefore, we install high and durable fences, window grilles and high-quality door locks. But it always makes sense to take another step towards personal security - to provide the cottage with modern equipment.

Video surveillance and alarm systems are described in detail in our article on the protection of a summer residence, but today there is some additional information. A video surveillance or alarm installation is a modern technology that is being improved every day, and it is quite possible that since our last article, professionals in this area have new offers. Use them, connect cameras and sensors to a common platform, and even on a quiet evening after work, at home, in the city, you will know exactly what is happening in your country house.

Fire safety and protection against impulses

Fire and water will no longer bother and frighten you if systems are installed in the country house and on the common territory of your private plot that ensure complete safety.

Of course, for fire safety, it is better to turn to the pros who know the best ways to prevent serious fire problems. But we want to say from ourselves that there are many temperature sensors, smoke and open flames that transmit a signal to the system, and it turns off the electricity in the room, immediately spraying water through a special fire extinguishing system. It may not be water, but powder or foam, but the most important thing is that the fire will be instantly localized and will no longer harm you and your property.

The same can be said about special water pressure sensors. They can block the water at the inlet as soon as they feel a rush - a change in pressure. It is possible to install the system inside the country house, where the automation will block the water in the event of a leak in the bathroom or in the kitchen, in the same basement.

As you can see, a correctly working system is not only convenience, but also security. Now you do not need to leave the garden to see what the child is doing on the playground. Just look into the phone, on the screen of which there will be an image transmitted by the surveillance camera. By a simple signal, the microwave oven will warm you dinner in time, and the water will heat up at the right time to take a shower.

Additional benefits of automatic systems in the country

We think that it remains to give some more very necessary examples, and you will certainly be sure of all the advantages of the proposed system of managing the entire country house.

At this stage, consider the management of the greenhouse:

  • Soil heating;
  • Drip irrigation or sprinkling;
  • Humidity control;
  • Temperature regimes day / night or hourly;
  • Lighting, for example, in cloudy weather or when a longer daylight is needed for young plants;
  • The same fertilizers, airing, spraying;
  • Preventive measures to control diseases or pests.

A little about the backyard, where often keep small animals and birds:

  • Space heating;
  • Ventilation and complete air change;
  • Litter change, installation of a new one;
  • Feed and water;
  • Lighting, daylight control for different breeds of birds.

How difficult is it to install an intelligent system in the country

Frankly, it’s difficult, and not every newcomer who decides to cope on his own can do it. Another disadvantage is the price of the issue, because a high-quality maximum system is expensive. But you can always upgrade your home in a smart and gradual way. For example, today put the drive on the gate, making it automatic, in a month - install video surveillance of the country, put the sensors on the water next year or when they get to the budget.

Is all this complicated in terms of implementation? Probably not as difficult as a few years ago. Today, there are many specialists on the market who implement any project of an intellectual complex in the country, install installations on the KNX, Arduino, MajorDoMo platform and others, connect the necessary equipment, perform setup, commissioning and performance testing. You only need the desire and initial requirements for the project.

“Smart home” for a private house or a summer residence is a too voluminous topic that can be talked about for hours. This and heating the entrance to the garage, and voice control of the internal provision of the home, and the best modes of convenience and economy.

Therefore, if you have a desire to completely transform your country house into an intellectual one, then you need to start now. And you can share your ideas with us and other readers of the site directly in the comments to the article.

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