Features of growing plants according to the Kurdyumov method

Valentina asks: “What is Kurdyumov’s method? How effective is it?”

We will try to answer the question.

What is the Kurdyumov method

This is actually a special gardening technology. According to her, the earth does not need to be dug up. Just mark the beds, slightly trample the weeds, then put a layer of cardboard or paper on them, and pour a special mixture on top - soil and compost. Then it remains to simply form the beds. That's all, you can grow crops. It is believed that the application of this method gives a huge harvest.

"Smart beds" according to Kurdyumov should be fenced with stones or boards. In this case, it is necessary to think through the holes for the drain, and from above make a canopy of plastic or film. In the center of the garden there is a wooden stick, you can tie cucumbers or tomatoes to it.

The main principle of Kurdyumov: maximum yield with minimum work! Do not cut the trees (use the double summer pinch method), do not dig the soil, use mulch for absolutely all plantings.

What is the Kurdyumov method

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Is the presented method effective?

  1. Rational grain in the specified method, of course, is. After all, it is still not proven that complete tillage is the best option. Many continue to dig the soil just because their parents did just that. Another thing is that this is not about the lack of processing as such, but about the fact that it is carried out superficially. This means that you still have to follow the garden. The method is great for personal use, it is not recommended to be used on an industrial scale.
  2. It is important to understand that the advice that Kurdyumov gives is not good in every region. Each gardener or gardener decides to follow or not the original decisions independently.