Aviary for birds in the country

In the country, you can grow not only chickens and ducks for meat and eggs, but also decorative birds that enjoy their singing and simple appearance. Pheasants, partridges, peacocks, kings, pigeons, and even some parrot breeds can be kept at home, but for each individual species it is necessary to create a certain standard of living, the requirements of which begin with providing safe and comfortable housing. And, if for small decorative birds these are special cages, then for larger breeds - aviaries. Moreover, you can have not one or two birds in such a bird house, but much more.

A prerequisite is the study of lifestyle, the basics of bird care, the choice of feed. But this is a slightly different topic. Today we are talking about how to build a street aviary for birds.

Choosing a place for an aviary for birds

Experts have studied this topic in detail, and therefore, if you listen to our today's tips, the construction will be fast enough, and as a result you will get a convenient, durable and durable aviary for domestic birds. So, we will start by choosing a place to build an aviary.

Since we are talking about decorative birds, the enclosure is possible not only in the yard, but also in the garden, palisade, right behind the house, on the terrace, in the corner of the patio. But if you start from approaching the house, for example, when placing in the patio area, then the aviary can be purchased, well, or most of it will be assembled from specially made decorative lattices, glass and other accessories for keeping birds. We want to touch on the topic of creating a more spacious enclosure for the same peacocks or quail, which we decided to install in the garden. Moreover, it is here that birds can be let out for a walk, because keeping them on several squares of the square is not always right.

So, a bird aviary in the garden. This is a good solution, since the garden is a green area with a significant part of the shade, but also zones warmed by the sun's rays. It is quiet and windless, there are a lot of insects that will become additional food for birds, and also just beautiful ... and this beauty can become even more attractive when live birds appear among trees and flower beds with flowers, exciting everyone with their wonderful singing.

From what we will build an aviary for birds

Aviary - lightweight construction for the warm season. It can be winter, and even with floor and wall heating, if necessary according to the conditions of the decorative bird, but then we will need to turn to more capital construction. In principle, such information can be studied in ready-made articles on the dovecote at the dacha and the construction of the house. But at the moment we are talking only about the aviary, that part of the structure that will give the bird the opportunity to walk in a much larger area than the closed house, as well as we look at each individual partridge or peacock, feed them, observe habits and so on.

Aviary can be built from materials that are offered by various nurseries. Glass, aluminum, steel and plastic nets, living plants inside, acrylic, wood and others. But most often, it is very expensive, especially if you purchase the recommended materials. We decided to start assembling the structure from those materials with which the summer resident is much more familiar with working with. Moreover, many of them are already in the country, and if not, then you can buy them at any construction supermarket for little money.

Wood, metal corner, rod, mesh netting, wire - the main materials for the construction of the enclosure.

DIY aviary construction

Compared with what we have already built in the country, an aviary for birds is almost the easiest. This is not to say that you can get to business through the sleeves, but certainly you will not spend much effort and time on it.

Stages of aviary construction

To start, we need to have a plan. Although simple, on paper, but a plan that we will follow. It is clear that everything must be calculated very accurately in it, because any failure will lead to poor quality and mandatory problems in each subsequent stage.

We break the action plan into stages (in our case, this is an approximate plan):

  • Drawing up the plan and the project;
  • The choice of construction site and materials;
  • Preparation of a place in the garden for the construction of an aviary;
  • Installation of supports;
  • Installation of a grid on support;
  • Internal arrangement;
  • Verification of work performed.

As you can see, everything is simple, but each individual item has its own requirements, which we will discuss now.

Try not to depart from the work plan, of course, if it is drawn up correctly. So you will do everything quickly and do not spend extra money.

Site preparation

Choosing a free place in the garden where you could place a fenced area for birds is quite difficult. This is not a small area for a decorative flower bed and it’s definitely not a place for installing a pergola, but a more serious area, at least 10-12 square meters, where the bird will be in captivity, but feel as free as possible. Of course, if there is an opportunity to expand the project, this will only benefit. And not only to the birds that will feel much better inside, but also to yourself, because there are much less problems with living creatures, which are inside a convenient space. There will be no struggle for territory, the chance of illness or injury due to lack of space, etc. will decrease.

Since there is not enough free space in the garden, we proceed from the idea that you can build around the garden. For example, in the corner of the territory there are several shrubs or old trees. They do not need to be removed in any case, they can become a full-fledged internal decor of the aviary. Naturally, this will require more money and time to protect the vertical space, create the so-called ceiling, but the aviary will be completely natural. In it, birds will be able to hide from the sun in the bush, sit on tree branches, lead a more familiar lifestyle. It will have to work hard, but such an aviary will become a really comfortable home for birds!

If you agree with our decision, then special preparation of the area will not be required. It will only be necessary to remove weeds and possible construction obstacles, and immediately proceed to marking the installation of the aviary.

Installation of aviary supports

Under the supports, we need recesses in the soil. Depth will depend on the parameters of the entire structure, as well as on the height. If it is a small-sized aviary, say, 3-4 meters, which is quite enough, then the supports can be set to a depth of 100 cm. Depths are easiest to make with a drill.

The main support pillars are installed in the finished recesses, which should rise above the ground by no more than 1.5-2 meters. This is enough to create the main fence of the grid. Further, in terms of height, it is possible to have a smaller grid and weaker supports.

Having installed the pipes around the perimeter of the installation of the structure and securing them in the soil, we weld a metal corner on top of them, which will set the desired aviary height. It is very good if you build around trees, so a certain weight of the structure can be transferred to branches. They will also become supports for the upper frame under the grid.

Setting the aviary mesh

The construction of the structure can be varied. The shape, size and special parameters depend only on your imagination. But be sure to calculate the weight of the materials and the possibility of their use, so that the entire structure turns out to be strong and durable.

When we are ready to support the stretch of the outer mesh, be sure to tie the frame into a single structure. We begin to pull the mesh from the top. If a grid of several rolls, then it will be necessary to overlap to avoid gaps. Also, the grid, which is the ceiling of our building, must be bent down on each side of the perimeter, about 20 cm.

In the case of stretching in a horizontal plane around the branches and trunks of trees, the net can be loosened, a branch inserted into the opening, and knitted again. You can cut through the openings in the grid, but then it will lose in strength. In any case, it is better to make decisions on the spot, because any hole in the mesh can always be firmly tied with steel or aluminum wire.

When the upper part of the enclosure is tightened with a net, go to the side. It is still simpler here - a good stretch, tying to posts on clamps or pieces of steel wire, dressing pieces of mesh with each other with an overlap. It is also necessary to cover the side lining with a mesh and that overlap that we lowered from the ceiling of the structure. For maximum strength, you need to tie the mesh with steel wire, just passing it along the corner of the structure through the cells of the upper and side mesh.

The so-called enclosure casing is over, and we can proceed with the internal arrangement.

The content of birds and animals in the country (video)

What you need inside a bird aviary

You can talk about arranging an aviary for birds in the country for a long time, choose poles and ladders, supports for nests and swings, feeders and drinkers. But we believe that it is not entirely correct to recommend something comprehensively, because we do not know what kind of birds you will keep in the country, and therefore it is quite difficult to give advice. Conditions for birds need to be created exactly with the requirements that are imposed in terms of ensuring their most comfortable life.

Bird Aviary Requirements

By and large, we did everything very correctly, but it will not hurt to check the strength and integrity of the structure for the execution of work:

  • It is necessary to check the strength of the structure as a whole, and each fastener separately;
  • Each support and part of the frame must be connected in a single design in a quality manner so that the aviary does not lose reliability in the near future;
  • Security settings are also very important. In the enclosure there should be no holes, openings under the net and between the overlaps of the net. In summer cottages, small predators often outrage at night, for which it is just right to feast on a small bird or laid eggs. In this regard, be very careful!

It is worth noting that the aviary we build mainly to provide additional beauty to our cottages, which means that the construction should be at least nice. It is impossible for a house for the life of decorative birds to become a dark spot in a magnificent garden. Therefore, we plant flowers and shrubs around the enclosure, put in order the design itself, for this today there are a lot of beautiful and safe colors.

At this stage, construction and arrangement can be completed, because the main task is completed.

Do-it-yourself aviary for birds in the country is not only a simple job, but also an interesting activity that will help to understaff your garden with something that almost no one has. It only remains to have decorative birds that you like most and enjoy their beauty and melody.