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How to save a blue spruce

Sizuyu fir tree planted 2 years ago. The place is normal, the soil is acidified, fed with fertilizer for conifers. Illumination is normal, but for some reason, yellow needles from the bottom and yellowness rises to the top. Processed with zircon, the same with copper containing preparations. And it’s kind of loose, that is, E. Not fluffy, as if all shine, rare branches. Tell me, please, what could be the reason and what can be done in such cases? What is missing my spruce? How can you save her?


Firstly, this can happen due to insufficient watering. Secondly, the needles can turn yellow during severe frosts. To save the plant, you need to shelter it from frost and the sun, and clear the snow around so that a side forms around the trunk and water the spruce every other day with fairly warm water. Thirdly, the lack of minerals also leads to yellowing of needles. Therefore, select such fertilizers, which contain all the necessary minerals that prevent yellowing of needles. And further. Inspect the plant carefully for pests, any spots, plaque. I would also advise you to take a closer look if dogs are not marking spruce. The marks left by these animals lead to the drying out of the branches that need to be cut, and the plant itself should be protected from such attacks if possible.