What plants is lavender compatible with?

We received a question from Olga: "I want to create a fragrant flowerbed on my site. I really like the smell of lavender. What plants does it combine with?"


Combination of aromas

Everyone knows that aromas affect our subconscious. That is why it is important that the flower garden in the garden not only pleases the eye, but also surprises with smells. Traditionally, all aromas are divided into female and male.

  • Fragrances for women - roses, daffodils, lilies.
  • Men's - mint, lemon balm, thyme.

If you want to cheer up, the smell of rosemary and verbena will help. To relax? Then you should pay attention to lilacs and roses.

When combining plants in a flower bed, you should take care that the aromas do not mix. This means that you have to carefully select the flowers, otherwise you are unlikely to be able to relax or recharge with energy. The ideal option is a combination of sage, lavender and catnip. In spring, you can add hyacinths, lilies of the valley or daffodils to the flower beds. In summer, plant mirabilis, fragrant tobacco, lobularia, sweet peas.

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Whom to "plant" for lavender

Lavender is a small perennial that can enhance rabatki and borders, become a wonderful addition to a bright sunny flowerbed, and give the garden a pleasant aroma.

Lavender can be different, not necessarily purple! Flowers can be white and even pink.

If you chose purple lavender, it is recommended to combine it with bright yellow flowers. You can also use purple coneflower.

If you want a calm, fragrant flower bed, select a sunny place. Put a bench nearby. To the left and right of the bench, 2 flower beds can be divided.

Aromatic plants such as:

  • lavender;
  • monarda;
  • thyme;
  • sage.

Nearby shrubs should be located: lilac, roses, honeysuckle, mock up or honeysuckle.

How to grow lavender

You can dilute the flower bed with annuals - night violet and alissum, and perennials - phlox, hyacinths and daffodils.

There is another original technique for combining lavender with other plants. This is the so-called stony bed. In fact, it is a tall flower bed made using stones in the form of a spiral (it can also be square or round).

Between the spirals are placed:

  • upstairs - savory mountain, lavender, thyme, hyssop, rosemary
  • below - parsley, basil, chervil

Tall herbs are not recommended. Otherwise, you obscure the entire composition.

The classic option for the flowerbed is a combination of lavender and rose. Using this technique, you will not only get a surprisingly pleasant aroma, but also protect the rose from pests, for example, from snails.