Ladders and steps for summer cottage

Ladders and steps for summer cottage

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We have already studied some of the stairs earlier, namely standard wooden and spiral staircases. We also repeatedly mentioned that you need to build a descent into the cellar, into the garage pit, climb to the attic, or just weld a small metal structure to get out into the attic of the summer kitchen to organize storage for onions and garlic. But they only mentioned, and only in rare cases, explained exactly how to make them. And therefore today speaks of stairs and steps in the country, for a variety of purposes.

So, we do not touch on those that have already been considered earlier, but we try to provide as much as possible the summer cottage and its buildings with ups and downs.

Garden steps in the country

In landscape design, steps are often used, which are transitions between different relief zones. An example is even a descent from the veranda or patio, which runs between two retaining walls into the courtyard, a staircase with a high gabion flowerbed on the lawn and others.

Most often, these are concrete or paved steps, which are paving stones.

Regarding the laying of these steps, it is worth talking, starting from the coating material. For example, home-made concrete blocks, tiles or natural stone. It is very important that the steps are firmly pressed against each other and mounted on a hard surface.

You can even create a drainage pillow under them.

The steps performed in a lively style look good. In each opening between the steps, in each crevice, soil or a fertile mixture is mixed with seeds of herbs. You can also populate moss in such places, which in a month will give a certain result. So you can achieve not only decoration with living plants, but also the effect of aging steps in the garden.

Steps of the courtyard

Climbing to specialized storages, transitions between the main and the backyard, as well as steps to the stables and sheds are often made of wood. For the most part, this is for the sake of practicality, not the decorative part. Wooden steps are durable and lightweight, they can be moved, removed completely, that is, removed, installed in another place. It is also possible to quickly repair such stairs if a breakdown occurs.

Most often, their production is based on the fastening of timber and medium quality boards.

Used pine or other inexpensive wood species. External treatment with drying oil or several layers of cheap varnish, and the steps are ready.

Ladders for pools

Here you can use metal, wooden and plastic ladders.

The most popular are purchased options, which are simply thrown over the side of the pool and installed on special hardware.

But often, these are self-made structures, for example, for the same frame pools. The frames are tall and mounted on a prefabricated base, and therefore a sliding ladder is needed here. Naturally, the plastic ladder from the pool kit is more suitable from the inside of the pool, but we still need to somehow climb to the side of the pool to step over the border of the bowl. For this, an access ladder made of metal and wood is used.

The frame is boiled from a profile pipe or a metal corner, and then covered with wood. A good quality board is screwed onto the frame and coated with oil or varnish. The frame itself simply crashes after a layer of soil.

Staircase to the attic of a house or a makeshift

Recently, the use of attic rooms in the country has become even more popular. Especially after our articles on the attic and places for storing country products. Now this is not a huge dump of old things, but a perfectly acceptable place for drying vegetables, fish, spices, or a fully equipped floor for living.

If the attic is residential, then it requires an internal staircase, or an external one, which will be reliable and safe. Here you can use the options of the previously considered designs, even the same screw ones, which are very cute and save space.

But if we need an attic for household needs, it is enough to make a simple staircase with our own hands.

We recommend working with wood or metal, and offer a little more detailed study of these options:

  • Wooden stairs are made of timber. It is advisable to take a bar 100x50 mm for the ladder the length you need. It is clear that you need a couple of these for the production of guides. Now the beams are marked, and under each step-jumper we make a special cutout, in which it will be installed. For steps, we recommend a beam of 50x50 mm. After installing the bars in the grooves, screw each connection onto a pair of screws using a screwdriver or screwdriver. Next, treat the finished ladder with protective equipment;
  • With a metal structure, everything is easier if there is a welding machine in the country. You can take a pipe, a profile pipe, or even thick and durable fittings, and weld the metal ladder of the parameters you need. Be sure to work well with welds, make them on both sides of the fastener, and also grind them with a grinder so as not to get hurt in the future.

Garage Pit Staircase

Here you need a high-quality and durable staircase that will be convenient and compact. Our garage is definitely not a service station where a pit of many squares is allowed. Here we have a small pit for minor repairs, and sometimes, working as a cellar.

A metal staircase will do. A pair of profile pipes, jumpers or sheet metal of about 5-6 mm, good welding and you're done. It is only necessary to correctly determine the plane of the steps, which should be sufficient for safe descent and ascent.

It is also necessary to make notches on them, on the surface, so that if the shoes are in oil or just wet, you should not be so slippery.

Fastening the stairs in the garage pit is possible on several pins driven into the floor. Everything is decided here simply by welding. Well, or an even simpler option - by drilling the side wall of the garage pit and a pair of anchors through drilled holes in the structure.

DIY staircase

Staircase to the roof

Now we mean flat roofs. They just remembered that in many summer cottages there are houses with a flat roof, on the top of which summer recreation floors were built, shrouded in grape arches. In this example, you can make garage roofs, and the roofs of other buildings in the country, where you can arrange a place for sunbathing, a place to relax, or even build something like a gazebo.

So, there is a roof that is fenced, but there is no good ladder to climb it.

We resolve the issue very quickly. A metal staircase on supports, with an additional platform and safety rails.

First we install the supports. It can be ordinary pipes or other metal products, but quite strong to support the weight of the rest of the metal, and your personal one, during the ascent.

It is advisable to install four racks, which, if tied along the top, can also be covered with a small platform. Pipes go into the ground per meter and are concreted with a liquid solution that spills into a pit with gravel. Naturally, they should be installed strictly vertically. The platform itself is formed on the frame from the corner. It can be made of wood or sheet metal.

Now we take two channels of the required length and corresponding strength, and weld them at a convenient angle to the finished platform before entering the roof. This work needs to be done efficiently by installing channels with an emphasis in concrete pillows on the ground, and strictly parallel, at one angle.

For convenience, immediately install the channel so that the steps are welded from the inside, so that their seams will be hidden.

The steps themselves are made of sheet metal, about the same as for the model installed in the garage pit. Well, or typesetting, from fittings or a rod.

When the staircase is assembled in a single structure, it is necessary to install additional fastenings to the wall of the structure. This can be done during the production process, and even at the very beginning, after marking the stairs on the wall first and installing fastenings from pins or plates on it.

Further, the simplest thing is the railing, which is installed along the stairs, on the side, and also around the upper platform, as if hugging it around the perimeter. Now for sure! The staircase to the roof is ready, it remains only to put it in order in a decorative plan. Beautiful paint will not only ennoble the appearance, but also protect it from atmospheric influences.

Country ladders and steps can be made of many materials, or just order in a workshop, buy in a store. But the main thing is that they are strong and stable, because your safety is at stake here.

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