What colors do phloxes combine in the flower garden

What colors do phloxes combine in the flower garden

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We got a question from Nadezhda Erofeeva: "I decided to make a phlox flower bed this year. Can you tell me what plants can be combined with?"

We answer with what are combined

What plants do phlox mix with? Smoky, with large strokes, blush, modern varieties have a bright character. That is why it is difficult to find partners for them, but nothing is impossible!

The best neighbors for phloxes in the flowerbed

  • In summer, an excellent addition will be: small pebbles, alpine aster, Veronica, geraniums, cloves, grasshopper, highlander, stunted bells;
  • summer-autumn phlox should be placed with hosts, cornflowers, astilbe, Siberian iris, medunits;
  • spring-blooming phlox look great in rock gardens, they are used for registration of lawns and planting near the tracks. Phlox is not forbidden to combine with such perennials as primrose, dwarf irises, saxifrages;
  • for combination with phlox, you can use plants whose flowering occurs in a different period. We are talking about edelweiss, dwarf wormwood, stalks, cleaners. In order to give a reddish tone to the landscape composition, juveniles are used;
  • successful combinations of phloxes with lily, dolphiniums, somedago, geleniums, oriental poppy, campanuli, peony, lupins, pyrethrum;
  • in the autumn, you can combine phlox with stunted shrubs - spirea, Tunberg barberry (dwarf forms). Also a great option is to place flowers among the stones in combination with crocuses, forest stands and snowdrops.

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Why do phlox transplant

Features of the location of phlox with shrubs (photo)

When planting phloxes with any decorative shrubs, it is recommended to place them in front of the shrub. The option is also good because shrubs bloom in summer and spring. In the fall, the phlox will refresh. In the foreground, perennials can be planted which bloom in the spring.

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