A fabulous house made of snow in the country at home

The snow house in the country will be a continuation of the theme of country houses for children. First there was a tree house, then a hut and an ice palace, but now we decided to build something new using modern technology. It is clear that this will be a temporary structure, rather simple and inexpensive, but the application of our knowledge gained in summer cottage construction will help us to make such a house comfortable, practical and even warm.

What is a house of snow

You can build something like a hole in the snow, such a tunnel, which will end with a small extension, forming a room. But this is only possible with a large layer of snow. In addition, such a snow tunnel will be damp and cold.

But we decided to take a different path, and make the snow house for children a little different.

It will not be a construction of snow alone. It will include a frame covered with a special material to contain snow. Also, inside the building will be insulated so that the kids can stay there even for several hours without the risk of getting sick.

We build a fabulous house of snow

You can build a house in advance before the snow has fallen, because if there is already 20-30 cm of snow on the ground, it will not be very convenient to work. Therefore, we proceed in advance, but if the snow has already fallen, then we clear a small area for the construction.

Preparing a place for a snow house

First of all, it is necessary to choose a flat area so that the installation of the structure is as simple as possible. Next, clear the installation site to the ground and, if possible, level the site. You can also determine the place of construction of a snow house near an already finished building, for example, rest it on one side of the house. It will be much easier, and the snow will be marked better under the walls.

What will we build a winter house from?

We will start with the frame, which we will assemble from wood. Further, it will be necessary to cover the building with material that will not allow wind, moisture and snow itself, for example, with a plastic film or reinforced greenhouse film. It is strong enough and can withstand a layer of snow, the only question is how to evenly distribute it over slippery oilcloth. Apparently, you can make a smaller slope from it, well, or cover the finished structure, in addition to oilcloth, with burlap, on which the snow will linger very well!

In the process of assembling the house, we will also talk about internal insulation, which is very necessary.

Installation of a frame for a snow house

On the finished site you need to install several pallets, which will become the basis.

Thanks to the air gap, inside such a structure will be a little warmer, and children will not sit on cold and damp ground.

After installing and securing the pallets, we install the supports for the frame from a wooden beam. We need a small house, maybe only a meter and a half tall, and therefore you can use the trimmed timber from the previous construction site. Re-purchase is not necessary at all.

The frame is built on 4-6 supports, which it is desirable to install along the perimeter of the structure evenly, with the same indentation. It is not necessary to hammer the timber into the ground, you can only fix the timber on pallets, as well as dress them together.

An excellent dressing will serve as a frame for the roof, which will connect all the components in one solid structure. Now we will have a floor, walls and ceiling, or rather, a frame for these parts of the house.

Warming and tightness

Since there will be snow on all sides of the winter house, as well as possible wind and rather hard frost, it is necessary to insulate our structure. Moreover, if there will be some heating inside, then it is necessary to prevent a mass release of heat, since the snow on top and on the sides of the building can simply melt. Therefore, it is worth thinking about thermal insulation, for which there are already several reasons!

We offer to choose polystyrene foam, sheets with a density of 25, a size of 50x100 cm, and a thickness of 5 cm. It will also be necessary to buy a cylinder of mounting foam, which will hold the foam together and additionally seal the building under construction.

Polyfoam can be installed in the thickness of the frame, after making a light crate from the rail. Hammer it tightly, and then blow each seam with foam. A very thin strip, only to close the gaps through which heat can escape or cold enter inside.

It is also desirable to lay foam on the floor, which will become a good layer that limits the flow of cold inside. On this floor, from pallets and polystyrene, if you also put a mattress or several blankets on top, the children will be warm and comfortable.

We increase the comfort of a snow house

We recommend increasing the comfort of a winter house for children, as they will ask you to play it every day of your presence at the cottage. This means that the inside should be relatively warm and necessarily light.

Nobody will obviously begin to heat wood inside, but you can install a heater or a small oil radiator in the finished room. Even the smallest installation will be enough to make it very warm inside. The source will warm the room at 4-6 cubic meters in minutes, and the heat will not go anywhere, because everything is lined with polystyrene.

We recommend installing inside and lighting. It can be a small lamp somewhere in the corner of the building, preferably with a housekeeping lamp, which kids cannot burn themselves about.

But for heating and lighting we need electricity, which must be spent at the stage of assembly of the frame or installation of insulation. An ordinary cable is enough, which must be stretched in a plastic corrugation. It should be brought into the house or the nearest summer cottage building and connected so that you can turn off the power at any time. You can make a cable that plugs into an outlet, or you can immediately install it through a standard switch.

We all understand that the safety of our children is above all, and therefore, if there are concerns about electricity inside the snow house, you can not conduct it there. You can install a small battery lamp in terms of lighting, which will be enough. But, true, in this case, there will be serious problems with heating. But they can be solved.

For example, you can warm up the house with any thermal installation, connecting it through the carrier, and then, after heating, turn it off and remove it. The heat received is enough for a while.

Interior arrangement of a children's house from snow

We have already decided that it should be cozy and warm inside. This means that it is you who must create this environment. To do this, it is enough to hem the ceiling with the simplest and most inexpensive material, for example, even with a cloth nailed with staples.

But it is better to cover the walls with blankets, like the floor itself. Now inside there will be another layer that keeps warm, as well as soft and pleasant to the touch.

The mattress should be laid on the floor, as a simple blanket can be few. Well, or initially to think about better insulation, for example, lay the same polystyrene in several layers.

There is one more tip! Before covering the floor with a mattress or blankets, cover the polystyrene with a sheet of plywood or OSB, so as not to break through the insulation and crush it. The material seems to be inexpensive, but each hole in it will lead to “depressurization”.

It remains to solve something with the entrance, on which we propose also to hang a blanket. This will be enough to create a closed room.

DIY snow house

Winter house made of snow: what's outside

We have already decided that our house made of snow does not consist entirely of snow, and built a pretty good structure in which now kids can spend time without distracting their parents. But the house made of snow should be with snow, otherwise the tale somehow does not work. Therefore, if there is little snow on the street, you can always take a shovel and sprinkle the structure. If there is a lot of snow, and a blizzard constantly sweeps it, then you can no longer think about anything. The main thing is to try to do everything according to the rules - lay a plastic film on the frame with insulation and lay the burlap.

It sometimes happens that the weather is too cold outside, so something similar for children can be built inside a warm country house. It is clear that there will be no snow, but no one bothers you to create a small hut in which children will be no less interesting to play. And snow can be replaced by the same polystyrene foam or even cotton wool.

A fabulous house made of snow can be made in any country house, and this will deliver unbelievable pleasure to your children and grandchildren. Think about this idea and share your decisions with us in the comments, while we will prepare some more articles on the winter topic for you. We recommend finding out when the snow is good and when the disaster is.