DIY fence repair in the country

The country fence becomes old over time and comes to a state when it is time to repair it or completely restore it. Changing the fence to a new one is not always convenient, both in time and in financial terms, and therefore we decided to devote time to the repair.

You can repair the fence yourself, without the participation of masters who often offer their services on the basis of manufacturers. From them, we may need only certain parts or sections, we will do the rest of the work ourselves.

The reasons for the breakdown of the country fence

If you do not take care of the summer cottage, it can decay already in the first years of operation. It is clear that you don’t always want to spend money on repairs, but it’s better to buy a can of paint and a brush, or a kilogram of nails and a few slats for updating, than after a few years to order a new fence.

The main reasons why the hedge is often repaired is the environmental impact. It does not matter what material the fence is made of, whether it is a concrete fence or decorative forged, the weather conditions of any region are not subject to us, and create a negative background if the materials of construction can not be protected.

Moisture gets on the material and penetrates into it, forming cracks or accumulation of corrosion, the sun dries the paint, frost and wind supplement these negative conditions ... but often the fence repair is also necessary due to mechanical influences! For example, someone unsuccessfully climbed over the fence and bent the frame of the net fence, the neighbor was not in the normal state to park right in your hedge, well, or even your children, along with the neighbors, decided to arrange a game and damage the fence.

There can be many reasons, but all of them lead to one result - the fence needs to be repaired!

We have no problems with this process, because we have gained a lot of experience, and in the garage or barn for a long time there is everything necessary. In addition, we have studied many materials and technologies that can be applied here. Therefore, it is recommended not to despair, but to get down to business on time!

Reinforced Concrete Fence Repair

The main defects that can form on the surface of a reinforced concrete fence over time are chips of the concrete coating and delamination, due to which the steel reinforcement forming the frame is exposed. If you notice such, it is better to start the repair without delay.

Initially, it will be necessary to clean the places of chips and remove all fragments that crumble. The next step is the treatment of the reinforcement with a metal brush to remove all rust from the surface of the frame.

When the defective places are ready for repair, the surface of the fence should be treated with a primer for outdoor use, let it dry until the next day, and repeat the process. Now the entire surface is ready for repair. We will need a mortar based on cement and sand or a repair mixture, say, frost-resistant adhesive solution Anserglob or Ceresit. Using a spatula, you need to carefully apply the solution into the chip and level it so as to obtain a preliminary shape surface. Now it remains only to wait a few days and start painting, if this is implied.

Polycarbonate Fence Repair

The most common problems associated with this type of fencing are cracks and chips. If they are minimal, you can repair the canvas, if not, you will need to replace it with a new one.

  • If there are cracks on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet, they can be repaired with transparent silicone, and after it dries, simply remove excess residues.
  • If there are openings or whole holes in polycarbonate, decorative latches made of the same material, for example, curly, glued to the glue or self-tapping screws previously used for mounting the construction, can help.
  • If you notice that the decorative slats falling off the material sections have fallen off the fence, they should be replaced with new ones, and having previously cleaned and degreased the surfaces to be glued, grease them with glue and squeeze them well.
  • If polycarbonate, by the will of a certain effect, has moved away from the metal frame, you just need to mount it on the installation screws, departing from each hole previously made several centimeters.

Country fence

Brick Fence Repair

The main problem of brick fences is peeling of a brick, when it delaminates due to moisture and crumbles. It is almost impossible to change this, because changing bricks in the masonry is not so simple. But stopping the effects of atmospheric phenomena and protecting the structure is very real.

Repairing a brick fence consists in restoring the joints, for which cement mortar or other mixtures are used, as well as in forming a top that will not allow water from the rain to run along the walls of the fence. If we are talking about the above-mentioned protection of the entire fence, then it’s worth doing as follows - clean the entire surface from peeling, treat the surface with soil, preferably twice, and paint with weather-resistant paint. Remember that with such a repair, the fence can lose its original appearance, and therefore you can devote much more time to it, as well as painting the masonry seams with a different color.

Repair of metal fences

The most serious problem of any metal fence is a section breakdown. This can happen for various reasons, and therefore immediately proceed with the repair.

The torn section is well cleaned at the junction. It is also necessary to strip the material to pure metal on the installation parts of the fence posts. You can use a metal brush for this, but it is better to use a grinder, since working with a power tool is much faster and more convenient.

When the joints are cleaned, the section is put in place by welding, and a neat weld is made at the joint. If this is not possible due to the lack of a welding machine in the household, the section is mounted on clamps, steel wire or bolted joints.

It often happens that from the inside of a section of metal fencing an armature, rod, corner, profile pipe breaks out ... depending on what such a fence is made of. Here, too, all repairs can be done by welding, or use a powerful screwdriver and metal screws (applicable for pipe and elbow, but not for fittings and rods).

The rest of the repair is restoration, the surface is cleaned of dry paint and rust, and again covered with protective material.

How to build a country fence

Repair of a wooden fence

If you are a rare owner of a picket fence or a wooden sectional fence, you need to keep it in perfect order, otherwise the fungus will quickly spoil the wood from moisture.

Repair of a wooden structure consists in cleaning the fencing elements from old paint. Then there is a putty of potholes and chips, and painting.

But it may happen that some elements of the fence are badly damaged, and then they will have to be completely replaced.

A frequent problem can also be considered a breakdown of the guide rail of the wooden fence. Here you already have to tinker a bit to replace the timber. All the details of the picket are carefully removed from the main rails and installed on new ones. Well, or in a slightly different order - first the beam is installed on the poles, and only then a practically new picket fence is formed.

What to look for when working

It is very important not to go in cycles in the most noticeable defect, as it often happens, but to consider all problems in a complex. Then you will definitely be able to repair the country fence correctly and efficiently, in order to maximize the life of its operation. What should one pay attention to?

  • First of all, you should remember about a comprehensive repair, and therefore inspect the entire perimeter;
  • You can even use a sheet of paper and a pencil, marking the fence, numbering sections and recording each individual serious defect;
  • Visible problems, such as a rotten plank or a single broken brick, are often the simplest; there is still a whole list of more serious ones;
  • It is possible that the sections are poorly supported on poles and should be strengthened;
  • It is important to pay attention to the pillars themselves, so that they are stable and even;
  • The foundation also plays a serious role, and therefore if its protection has worn out, renew it;
  • In addition to the fence, be sure to inspect the country gate and the gate, because the old entrance or entrance to the courtyard against the background of the new fence will not look very nice.

Updating the country fence

Repair of a country fence - this is far from the most serious headache, and therefore, if you monitor the problems that arise and fix them in time, you won’t even consider this process to be work, it will be a pleasure for you.

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