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Fighting Colorado potato beetle with birds

I heard that there are poultry that use the Colorado potato beetle as food and can be taught to collect it in vegetable beds. I think a very good way: both environmentally friendly and for health. Maybe someone has experience in such matters? Share it.


Quite right, there are a number of birds which you can teach to eat Colorado and their larvae (putting crushed pests in their food from early childhood). The turkey, pheasant, guinea fowl and gray partridge do quite well with this job. But if you do not own a large farm and are going to raise a bird solely so that your 6 acres do not have a Colorado potato beetle, then I do not recommend you take on this venture, because when breeding these birds you will encounter a number of problems (diseases , pestilence, the cost of food, cleaning aviaries, etc.), and then your “striped friend” will not scare you like that. But if you take it, then the best bird for such purposes = guinea fowl

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