Transformation of a seasonal dacha into a recreation area

The purpose of the summer cottage may be quite different, and since this does not mean mandatory work, today we decided to completely change and stylize the cottage as a recreation area. The transformation of a summer cottage will take a lot of time, but this process will be quite interesting.

The maximum of our time in the country falls on the cultivation of various crops, cultivating the land, preparing fertilizers and other matters related to land and crops. But today, experts decided to move slightly away from the topic. Our solution is to turn the site into an excellent recreation area where you can come to a barbecue, swim in the pool, relax your body and soul. This decision came to us for one simple reason - very often we meet people who are tired of gardening, well, or simply we can’t grow anything on the site. Therefore, they think about re-arranging the cottage, completely reincarnating it, so that they no longer spend energy on fruits and vegetables, and devote the maximum time to themselves and their own vacation. Of course, here you can give a lot of advice and useful recommendations, but some persuade to return to berries, vegetables and fruits 100% will not succeed. Therefore, we take the responsibility to help in the conversion of the summer cottage into a recreation area, where you can no longer think about difficult work!

Site style and design

To develop a project for the transformation of a summer cottage Initially, you need to determine the style and design. We talked a lot about styles - romantic, minimalism, Japanese and mixed, and chose the best and most suitable for them. It involved shapes, colors and shades, certain plants and objects. Therefore, it will be easier for you, especially if you return to our articles on landscape design.

The overall design of the site is a rather complicated thing. Only at first glance, when you review a photo on our website and come up with something to change, everything is simple. At the same time, when it comes to physical processes, difficulties make themselves felt. Therefore, we recommend immediately starting from a simpler design, because in the future it can always be supplemented.

Designing a new summer cottage

We are used to the fact that a project, even the simplest one, should be prepared for everything, even for the smallest building. Today we have a voluminous topic that involves a lot of stages of a wide variety of work, and therefore the project should really be given a lot of time.

Take advantage of the advice of professionals, study programs for the landscape, read our materials about the main mistakes of beginner landscape designers, and draw conclusions.

The entire project can be laid out in several sheets, and then add estimates and paint the stages of work, but remember that absolutely everything should be taken into account here, from laying a stone to the final stroke of the brush.

Work confidently, check yourself for mistakes, visualize the project of the cottage for more thorough control and remember that you should never change the project already in the process of work, because it will certainly cause difficulties with relief, design, technical equipment, communications and even small works. A correctly drafted and considered project for the modernization of a summer cottage is a guarantee of its implementation on time, as well as the elimination of cost overruns, which are often not enough.

Be sure to decide in advance with all the buildings and objects. Regardless of the time of construction and the postponement of the completion dates of each individual project in small architectural forms, a place for them should be prepared initially.

Drainage, dumping and geoplastics

Here it’s already worth talking in more detail, because each separate territory is seriously different even from a neighboring site. Your landscape may be flat, and may consist of hillocks and lowlands. Depending on the requirements, you will need to pay attention to this, as well as the quality and composition of the soil, the level of groundwater, the possibility of geoplastics and its necessity.

Drainage of a summer cottage

It often happens that water stagnates in certain places. In the spring, in the fall or in another period, it does not matter, because the stagnation of water on the soil surface is a serious obstacle for plants, buildings and even the local climate and ecology. Therefore, such areas must be drained. This can be done by various methods, the same dusting with construction waste or sand, high-quality soil, thanks to which it is possible to create not only the foundation for construction, but also a good fertile layer.

Land filling

Dumping is performed for geoplastics, changes in soil characteristics, drainage, and in many other cases. How to fill before landscaping, we have already said, but most likely, if the cottage is mainly prepared for modernization, then it will be necessary to fill in to level and then create sites and foundations for construction.

Geoplasty site

Change and complete transformation of the relief in the country is often forced, less often it has the nature of its own requirements. Therefore, carefully inspect the site at the project stage and decide whether the cottage site needs geoplastics. It is quite realistic that you will want to arrange a picnic area on a certain elevation, in a sunny place, and, on the contrary, install a gazebo in the shade of the garden, on the plain. It is also worth paying attention to the general landscape design, because it is he who sets the requirements for the conversion of soil levels in a particular place.

Lawns, paths, objects

When the geoplasty is completed in accordance with all the rules, pits and ravines are covered with rubble or construction debris, a complete filling of the site for plants and construction has been made, we can proceed to those works that will significantly bring us closer to the result.

It’s worth starting with laying tracks, first temporary, and then permanent. Concrete, wooden, paving slabs or just bulk - all this should already be in the design!

After laying high-quality and long-lasting tracks according to all the rules, we recommend immediately proceeding to planting lawns. You can choose among the already known to us - Alpine meadow, standard or Moorish lawn, but you can always correct something of your own free will. Only work with the lawn using technology, even if you slightly modernize its appearance.

At about the same stage, you can move on to small architectural forms. Often their construction takes place before sowing lawns and, apparently, this is correct so as not to clog the soil with construction waste and various mixtures. But everyone has the right to choose independently, because often the objects are built a year or two after the modernization of the site, and waiting for this time with bare ground without plants is not very attractive and interesting.

Among the small architectural forms, there is a lot of everything original that we talked about earlier, and therefore choose among arbors and pergolas, rocky gardens and arches, artificial ponds and bridges. In more detail, each of these processes is already described in the articles of the site.

Improvement of buildings, necessary additions

At this stage, we recommend paying attention to the improvement of everything that is built in the country. Naturally, we will not be able to list absolutely all objects, but we will give some as an example:

  • It is necessary to do engineering communications, where they may be necessary. Check the water supply to the objects, the operation of the sewage system, electrification, possibly heating (internal and for recreation areas) and ventilation;
  • Be sure to engage in relaxation areas with all the consequences, for example, spend decorative lighting on the patio and gazebo, install repellers for midges, check the ability to take a shower after a hot day, etc.
  • It is very important to work at this stage with garden paths and figures, because if you do not want to get your hands dirty in the future, you should finish everything right now - to pour, strengthen, colorize, protect from atmospheric phenomena, etc.;
  • We would recommend paying attention to residential or semi-residential buildings - a house, a summer kitchen, a veranda, a change house and even a garage. Warming and repair, external reconstruction and facade decoration. After all, if you bring the site in full order, then all the buildings on it should look great in order to fit into the planned style and design!

Creation of recreation areas

We are well aware that not one of us can afford to have a gazebo, a veranda, a patio and a picnic area in one cottage. But since we communicate on common topics, affecting various buildings and objects, today we will talk about them.

Remember, not so long ago we talked about arches and arbors with barbecue stoves. Such a recreation area can become very popular in the country. Here you can meet with friends or relatives at a morning tea party, have a hearty lunch or just talk about business, as well as organize a serious celebration, because the conditions allow you to do this.

A small gazebo can also become a place to relax, sometimes even more cozy and comfortable than a large arch or canopy. And so a little effort and patience, and a new place for conversations and dinners is ready!

The veranda and patio are constant companions of large country houses. These are comfortable relaxation areas, with their unforgettable design and additional decor. What events to hold here or how to relax, each of our readers will understand himself, and therefore will not particularly focus on these objects. Just once again, we recall that they can be built with your own hands, and this is not as difficult as it seems initially.

It is worth thinking about where your children and grandchildren will play at the time of your vacation in the country. It can be a tree house, a children's hut or a sports ground. But here the most important thing is safety, and therefore all objects must be strong and reliable!

Do not forget about the pools, which we considered a very long time. Frame and inflatable, composite and prefabricated, and certainly children's ... any of them can be built or installed in your country house. Therefore, we recommend that you turn to thematic materials, which will tell you not only about the advantages of a particular pool, but also remind you what exactly is necessary for their installation and quality work over the coming years.

Decor and equipment

Transformation of a summer residence from the center of mass work into a recreation area - A complex and lengthy process that you don’t really want to do. Naturally, most people want to just snap their fingers and get what is in the project. But this only happens in cases of big money! If they are, everything is possible, if they are not enough, everything is still possible, but a little later.

Yes, the processes are difficult, but very real, and most importantly - interesting. The final stage of the modernization of the summer cottage, which includes decoration and additional equipment, will please you the most. Here and the choice of tablecloths for a table in the gazebo, and the study of decorative lighting for the entire site, and garden figures, which, incidentally, we learned to create with our own hands.

Any addition can be made at the stage of construction or arrangement, but the fat point in this process always remains with the decor, emphasis, maybe additional equipment that brings a certain share of comfort and coziness, beauty and harmony to the whole enterprise.

We are well aware that we simply cannot physically cover all the works, objects and especially the little things in the decor, but we try to provide the basis, the basis for reflection and fantasy, and therefore you will have to make a lot of efforts not only in the implementation of the project, but also in its preparation .

Converting a summer house into a recreation area (video)

The transformation of the country can be seriously changed by stages and types of work. It is quite realistic that you don’t have to spend so much money and upgrade for several months, and everything will turn out in a matter of days. But all the work and their difficulties depend strictly on the individuality of each site and your own wishes.