How to equip a workplace in the garage

How to equip a workplace in the garage

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Each summer resident has plenty of worries, and in the autumn they are no less. But here there is an additional complexity - cold and damp weather. Therefore, thinking through everything in advance, today we equip the workplace in the garage, having previously insulated the structure.

It seems to us that this is a very right decision, because not everything in the country can be done in the fresh air in the autumn, I would like to transfer a lot to the garage or the barn. Car or motorcycle repair, tool lubrication and sharpening of garden tools, assembly of boxes for harvesting and other work on the street are not as pleasant as in summer. Therefore, it is recommended that you think about arranging a high-quality and comfortable workplace somewhere indoors so that it is warm and cozy. Our main advice for today is workplace in the country in the garage.

This is really a great option, and even if there is a car in the garage, because in theory, there should be enough space here at least to accommodate a small working corner.

Cleaning the garage in the country

The most important thing in arranging a place to work in a garage is to maximize the space. Here we have a car, and its interchangeable tires, and a workbench, and tool kits. It is not a secret that the garage is often used as a small warehouse, its pit for car repair is a cellar, and the walls are hung with garden tools. All this will have to be removed or compactly grouped to make room for yourself.

Since there are already enough buildings on the dacha territory, at least for our readers, who are consistently developing the dacha infrastructure with us, we have places to put away seals, tools, things that were previously stored in the house and now migrated to the garage. All this goes to cellars, sheds, warehouses and change houses, or is simply thrown away, since indeed each of us has enough unnecessary and unnecessary.

So, the territory was liberated a little, which means we are moving on to the repair of the premises!

Repair of the garage in the country

Repair is necessary for every building and every year. Even if it’s not capital, but partial or cosmetic, which is able to extend the life of the operation (more detailed repair information here). Therefore, we conduct a thorough and very careful inspection, identify all cracks, chips, holes between the walls and the ceiling, because all this will bring problems in the near future. Of course, the next stage of insulation could be replaced by a repair and the same polystyrene can simply hide cracks in the walls, but we are doing a high-quality workplace for ourselves, and we also do not want to lose the building in the near future.

After inspection, proceed to repair. It is probably not worth describing all possible processes, since we have already spoken not only about solutions and dry mixes, but also about how to use them, covered cracks and solved sealing problems, performed waterproofing and other necessary work. Therefore, we simply try to quickly tidy up the room, without leaving problems with a chance of development in the near future.

Building insulation

It will be cold in the fall and winter in the garage, and this is a fact ... but rebuttable, because you can always insulate the building and install high-quality heaters inside (heaters from this list are also suitable).

We will start with the choice of material. Not so long ago we insulated a house and already considered the best heaters. We chose polystyrene foam, which is able to serve for a very long time with a certain degree of protection, and all this time rid us of the cold. Probably, it is worth choosing polystyrene this time.

Garage wall insulation

We described all the processes thoroughly earlier, and therefore we suggest simply repeating the sequence of installing foam boards on the walls. You can install on glue or special mounts, but you should not forget about some very important things:

  • Polyfoam should be used tight, with the best characteristics. Since we are insulated from the outside, we are not afraid of the loss of area, and we take polystyrene foam 10 cm thick. It is believed that it is better to lay the polystyrene foam on the wall in 2 layers with 5 cm plates and make the fastening apart, but this is not necessary;
  • It is very important to glue the material to the walls with high quality, and fasten it together with adhesive solution, so that the cold bridges are minimal;
  • Next, you need to protect the foam from mechanical influences, as well as atmospheric phenomena that can destroy the insulation wall - from wind, frost, hot sun, rain, sudden changes in weather and temperature, and this can be done with plastering. On the installed polystyrene, we nail the mounting plastic mesh. It forms the basis for fixing the plaster. Now it is advisable to return to the technology of exterior decoration of the walls of the house, where we talked about the primer, mesh, fastening, plastering and other processes. That is how everything can be done here;
  • Last but not least, work with the upper part of the insulation layer. It often happens that the foam is simply installed on the wall and does not protect itself from the upper end. But this is wrong, because it is here that the destruction of the entire insulation wall can begin. Therefore, we recommend installing peaks that are secured from the main roof of the garage to the dowels and sealed with special sealants, well, or with foam, which will have to be cut, plastered and painted after drying.

Ceiling insulation

We pass to the ceiling. There may be several options, that is, external or internal insulation (we recommend that you also read about the insulation of the attic of a country house). It all depends, first of all, on the type of the roof of the garage, but also on the personal desire of the owner of the cottage.

Here, without nuances and special details, only about the most important thing:

  • Internal insulation is made with mineral wool or polystyrene. Materials are attached to the floor slab using a frame. Then there is lining with moisture-resistant materials, for example, the same OSB plate. In the process of insulation, a standard pie is created from the insulation, films, lining;
  • External insulation is recommended to be done only on an ordinary roof. In this case, expanded polystyrene is attached to the whole concrete or poured slab, which is plastered, and after the layer has dried, it is rolled up with a ruberoid necessary for waterproofing. By the way, if this is the kind of insulation that is taking place, then installing the visors that were discussed at the time of wall insulation is already optional. End protection can be created with the same plaster or roofing material.

How to insulate the floor?

In fact, this is a rather complicated topic, and therefore we will talk about it in a separate article. But today we say that this is possible, and even if the garage was built a long time ago. There are many good ways to protect the cold currents from the floor, for example, using the laying of foam, expanded clay, or by spraying polyurethane foam.

How to insulate a garage door?

We will solve this issue in exactly the same way as the issue of warming a metal door in a house. We ask you to pay attention to this article and simply increase the scope of work. Here, all the stages of insulation are almost identical, there are only minimal differences:

  • To warm the gate, you will not need to remove it from the hinges, you can do everything on weight;
  • If the door frame has many edges, then the crate is optional; if the frame is “liquid”, make a crate to install the insulation. It can be made of wood or a metal corner;
  • When everything is ready, you can install a heater. Foam plates are simply pressed between the edges of the crate, mineral wool is glued to the base of the metal gate;
  • At the end of these works, sheathing is carried out with any convenient material, but preferably one that is not afraid of moisture.

We very successfully jumped from one topic to another, but in one fell swoop killed two birds with one stone - we told the first stages of arranging a workplace in a country garage, and also gave a lot of information about how to insulate the room. Of course, there are still some points, but we will definitely return to them in the near future.

Interior decoration

To make it more pleasant to be in the garage, you need to make a slight redecoration. Everyone understands that there will not be expensive materials and designs with refinements, but simply covering the walls or painting the walls is easy. We offer every reader who is interested in the topic to choose independently how to make the interior decoration in the garage, so that it would be nice not only to park the car, but also to be there for a long time. You should choose durable materials that are not afraid of moisture, mechanical damage and temperature changes. Most often in garages, OSB paneling or plaster with painting is used.

Work corner arrangement

When the preparatory repair, the insulation of the garage and the interior decoration are finished, we can proceed to the arrangement of the very place for work that we wanted to talk about initially. Everyone understands that it should be convenient, cozy, ergonomic and practical, and most importantly, fully provided with everything that we need. Here it’s worth starting with your own requirements, because everyone has their own preferences, and someone will do woodcarving in the garage, someone will solder old receivers, and someone will be more interested in upgrading the garden tool in order to surprise all neighbors in the spring .

Necessary communications

First of all, electricity and professional wiring, especially if there will be a connection of powerful machines, heating appliances, high-quality lighting. With wiring, you should work very carefully, and sometimes it is better to even call a specialist.

Water is also needed. Perhaps the wash basin, which was previously located on the street, and preferably heated, so that in winter you do not wash your hands in cold water. Naturally, we need a drain for such a thing.

We do not need gas, centralized sewage and air conditioning, and therefore we do not raise these topics at all.

Organization of a workplace in the garage

Perhaps this is the most interesting moment, because here everyone begins to build amenities for themselves. The first thing that is absolutely necessary in any case is the desktop. It can be a wooden or metal table, or a ready-made workbench on which you can tinker, draw plans and projects, and do the same soldering.

The table should be equipped with drawers for small work accessories - tools, hardware, special drawers and jars for everything in a row, where 80% of us store different sizes of nuts, bolts, diodes and all that.

It is possible that not exactly the table will be equipped with everything necessary, but the walls and racks are nearby. Hooks and shelves, spacious and not very drawers, boxes and jars - all this will help in organizing the workplace in the garage in the country.

It is important not only where and how the tool and accessories will be located, but also what they will be. We have already talked about what constitutes a regular set of tools in the country, but because here again, according to the situation, interests and personal requirements. But, most likely, a hammer and a set of screwdrivers, wire cutters and pliers, ring spanners and a soldering iron, a grinder and a drill, a jigsaw and a screwdriver, more serious machines and equipment, as well as related accessories like a vice and clamps, will come in handy.

What to look for

Here we decided to summarize in just a few lines, as the work ends and we still have a lot to do. And therefore, the most basic:

  • In the garage in winter, and next summer, it should be very comfortable in terms of temperature. It is clear that in the summer you can open the doors, set a fan in front of you, or even work in another place, but in winter, do not forget to take care of the heat;
  • Everything should be at hand - tools, accessories, the right electronics, lights and more. It’s not very convenient every time to get up and go through the entire garage or even into the house to take a soldering iron or a lamp;
  • The preparation of the working corner must be carefully planned and started in advance in order to carry out all the work and on time!

Well-equipped garage (video)

Today we covered two topics at once and considered the warming of the country garage for the winter period, as well as the preparation of a workplace in its area. Now I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

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