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What to do if the monstera froze

Hello! They gave me the monster along with the pot, before that they had not time to bring it into the heat on time, and it froze. Now 2 trunks sticking out of the ground, they are dry and green. Is there any guarantee that it will depart? I want to transplant, look at the roots.


Try to pour succinic acid ...

I poured complex fertilizer for flowers. Maybe not yet? :)

She's actually tenacious). I got a cat in my pot with a monster, I just cut it off and put it in the water, so I got the roots! And another one has grown incorrectly, I cut it to the root and from the hemp new shoots went, and the cut one also took root. If your roots are not frozen to smithereens, then it will move away, but if everything is frozen then ((. Try to water the root.

YAK is the most natural remedy in the world, and your complex fertilizer is pure chemistry, google a little and learn about YAK ...


Thank you, I will buy :)

sold in a pharmacy cost of 10 tablets from us (RTatarstan)) about 25 rubles. Dissolve 1 tablet (0.1 g) in a liter of water ... it is better to spray and pour a little under the root, it remains - use on other plants, there is no habituation, but it is not recommended more than once every two years ...

but I understand that there is 2. for plants and as a medicine :) or am I mistaken?

I myself bought it at the pharmacy on the recommendation ... it’s clean, and somewhere I even read that the one produced in Russia is the cleanest in the world ... and I also read that a technical one is produced that is not suitable for animals and plants ... maybe it happens for plants, but I have not met ... bought in the first pharmacy that came across ...

I understood :) I simply read out the annotations different to the same name.

good luck!