The second life of old things in the country

If you have an old bucket, a trough, a wheel or even a refrigerator, do not rush to throw such a good, because it can come in handy. The second life of old things in the country is very real, you just have to approach the issue more practical and with new ideas.

It’s already possible to compose an entire column of articles of this kind, because this is not the first time we’re talking about how to use different junk in the country. Today we will continue the series of articles with even more interesting and original ideas, thanks to which you can save money on the purchase of a new decor, as well as diversify the cottage design and life.

Let us immediately draw your attention to the fact that there are just hundreds of ideas and handicrafts, original things and handmade items, so we will not be able to show and describe absolutely everything. But if readers of the site are interested in such information, we will be happy to provide a topic for the continuation of this article for study.

Country pond from the old basin

The original solution was applied to a small plastic basin, which either became unusable or lost its aesthetic appearance. Now it is a small pond that is made very simply. A small hole was dug in a convenient place, where the basin was installed. Further, there are only a few species of plants around the new summer cottage, and nice decor. The only issue is the periodic removal of water from such a pond, but we will leave this to the pumps.

Playground Accessories

From old and unnecessary things you can make interesting accessories for the playground. At first glance, this is not a very attractive invention, but it is here that children can let off steam. Get ready for something that will be noisy and fun, but this is already a cost.

A simple accessory can be made from old frying pans, pots, plastic bowls and flower pots, bottles and other unnecessary items. All that is needed is a frame of construction and a simple kit for clamps or nails and screws.

The country wash basin turns.

We already know how to make a wash zone in the country, and therefore we should not regret the old wash basin ... but we definitely don’t need to throw it away. Old, shabby and rusty, it can be a great decoration for any fence or wall. All you need is a little nutritious substrate and a pretty ornamental plant that can be placed inside. Look at the photos below how this product looks original.

Country decor from old containers

Earlier we talked about the use of old containers. Baths under the pond, buckets in the form of flower containers and so on. Today, we simply update the previously mentioned simple picture below, which contains quite interesting products that turn into original compositions.

A barrel, a trough, a bathroom - all this can still hold water, which means it can become a pretty water feature, and almost free of charge.

The use of an old bath in the country

Many lines have been written about this plumbing accessory, but today another colorful idea is a flower bath. An old and slightly battered bathtub, which can no longer be used for water procedures and the production of water structures, will perfectly cope with another purpose.

The bath can be pasted over with pieces of old broken tiles, colored plastic and ceramics, other colorful objects, set it in the garden or near the country house, and plant a lot of ornamental plants in its bowl. Agree, a very original solution that can even complement the landscape design of the cottage.

Do not throw away the old toilet!

Recently, we studied the topic of how to build a new toilet in the country, and therefore we definitely do not need the old toilet. But we do not send it to the landfill, because the ceramic product for the bathroom becomes the decor of a garden or even a country yard. We agree that putting such a “miracle” near the threshold of a country house is too much, but if somewhere in the corner of a country house, it will be nice and very fun. Several colors will decorate the old plumbing and add a touch of originality!

But we will not stop here, because an even more exclusive country décor is obtained immediately from two toilets. They did not expect?

The second life of an old bike

Almost every summer resident has a bicycle. But the previously broken two-wheeled vehicle is surely hidden in the barn. If this is the case, then you should not take the bike to scrap, because they will give a penny for it. But if you use it for another purpose, it will be much more interesting.

In our composition, you can use several boxes, then it will come out originally. Again flowers and a nutritious substrate, again a little originality and own ideas. As a result, we get a really cool country decor!

Barrels, buckets and troughs

We already mentioned today the old summer cottages in which we stored or transferred water, washed or mixed something. But seeing cute products, could not stop.

Remains of paint after repairing a house or garage will help turn old barrels into new garden figures or flower containers.

A little work and a wooden staircase, or just a structure from an old beam, as well as several buckets, will become a flower stand.

And the old and leaky trough, from which it is impossible to make even a tank for the shower, will become the next piece for flowers. And if the trough is painted in cheerful colors, then it will not be embarrassing to identify the product in the middle of the garden.

Original flower wash

There is an old wash after repair, and in the garage for a couple of years, the previously replaced mixer is lying around idle? We came up with an appointment for these things. Arrange a small container for flowers, which can be placed in absolutely any place. Such a composition will look harmonious in the garden, in the flowerbed, and even in the green area of ​​the patio.

Plant pretty annuals in the sink, attach a faucet to the side, and inside, insert a couple of plates and bowls that you no longer use.

Flower pots from old shoes

In one article, we talked about how to use old shoes for flowers. Still there were sneakers or boots, but not so important. At the moment, we decided to expand the collection of old shoes, which was reposted to the country in order to continue the service. A whole stand of shoe flower pots is a good idea for any summer residence.

Suburban train of boxes and logs

To create such an interesting suburban train, you will need a little - a log, a chainsaw, several old boxes, nails, decorative plants. Yes, you can also use paint if you want to paint everything.

So, we take a chainsaw and cut circles under the wheels. The rest of the logs are laid in the area where it is necessary to create a decor. Ahead of the logs we put several boxes, and on the log with nails we nail the finished wheels. Well, nothing complicated, but the original product is ready!

How to use an old refrigerator in the country

In previous articles of our site there was a note on how to make a greenhouse from an old refrigerator. But now we have another idea - the production of country furniture!

It can be said, even upholstered furniture, since the refrigerator is sheathed on all sides and even laid with foam rubber on the seat and back. In short, by absolutely simple actions and spending only a couple of hours of free time, the old refrigerator is transformed into a small ottoman or sofa. What is positive, inside the furniture there is a place to store different objects, something like a curbstone.

By the way, judging by the inner lining, if you add foam and insulation film to the walls of the refrigerator, you can also get a portable fridge-thermos for cold drinks. Just imagine how you are resting in the shade of a green garden on a new ottoman, and in order to quench your thirst, you don’t run into the house anymore, you just get cool lemonade from the ottoman. Everything is very practical!

Flower bed from an old bed

An old bed in the country will not bring a lot of money if you turn it in for scrap, in principle, like an old bicycle, which we talked about above. More headache than profit. But the next decorative product will easily. Install not even the bed itself, but only the past, its side parts in the garden, or even in the middle of the lawn. Next, make a tall flower bed right on the bed. Well, that’s all, now there are only a lot of flowers and care for them to get a beautiful view and aroma.

Hanging for dishes in the country kitchen

From the same old bike that went to the cottage decor, you can take one wheel for the kitchen decor in the country. It will make an excellent suspension for dishes - pots and pans, but also a stand can come out. The only thing is that the old wheel will not look very organic in the new and tidy kitchen, and therefore it should be put in order.

It is clear that there is no sense in restoring a rotten and curved bicycle wheel, but in a more or less tolerant state, you can try. We will need to clean the wheel almost to the base, wipe it with dust with a rag, and then, preferably, degrease it. Now you can simply paint it in the required color with spray paint from a spray can, or any other, simple brush.

Modern inbox

After a few years, humanity and in general may forget about mailboxes, because correspondence in envelopes is becoming less and less. It’s all the fault of e-mail, chat rooms and other novelties of the era, but not about that today. So far, letters have come to us, or simply notifications of payment for the light and water used in the country, we need a mailbox. You can make it from anything, but it is very interesting if the box is made from the old PC system unit. It is very simple, you just need to install the system unit near the entrance to the courtyard and slightly protect it from opening by third parties!

New chair from an old trolley

A country carriage, or simply a car, with which we transport crops or use it at a construction site, can also be used after a breakdown. Often it happens when the body is welded, and a new one is installed in place of the old wheel. But if the breakdown has completely disabled the cart or there is no desire to repair it, we suggest using the cart for a different purpose.

The picture below shows how easy it is to make a completely comfortable and original chair based on the trolley. Only 100-200 g of paint, reliable installation and several pillows to create a comfortable place.

And the old ball will come in handy.

Yes, you can’t play with such a ball anymore, but it’s not scary, as you can use it very interestingly. For example, to create a hanging container for flowers. If there are several goals, this is even for the better, since the amount can completely complement the composition.

Choose a place, say, in a gazebo or near a recreation area, hang up the halves of the balls with a substrate or high-quality soil inside, and plant any plants there. It can be home flowers, annuals and perennials, or maybe even strawberries, which will decorate the new container with not only pretty greens, but also delicious berries.

What to make of old objects in the country (video)

The second life of old things in the country - An interesting topic for fans to do with their own hands. If you are from this number, then soon, to the crafts already existing in your summer cottage territory, new, even more original ones will be added! We recommend reading the article on country garbage and its new application.