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Natural fertilizer for plants

Hello! Tell me, please, how can I replace mineral phosphorus fertilizer with natural? After all, as you know, from a lack of phosphorus, the plant will hurt and be affected by pests, and the fruits will contain a large amount of nitrates. Who knows, tell me a way out of this situation.


Ash is an excellent fertilizer. And also do not forget about compost, which provides balanced nutrition for plants, its application perfectly improves the soil structure, increases the humus content in it, makes it loose, optimally moisture and breathable, easy to process.
To obtain a compost heap, plant residues are used: mowed grass, weed weeds, fallen leaves, fruits and vegetables, kitchen waste, peat, fresh manure and much more. The more diverse its contents, the faster the decomposition processes will proceed in it. But it should be remembered that wool, plastic, glass, disease-infected vegetation and difficult to decompose substances cannot be added to compost.