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DIY sewage

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Engineering communications are very important for a summer cottage, and sewage plays an important role in the overall system. Not everyone succeeds in immediately installing a septic tank and an expensive drainage system in the country, and therefore we propose to consider a more acceptable option - DIY sewer.

Spring and summer is an active summer season, during which work is in full swing not only in the beds and in the garden, but also in and around the house. In this regard, water is almost always used, the spent part of which must be discharged into the sewer. Not all of us got a site with a ready drainage system or centralized communications, and therefore the problem of cesspools and septic tanks in the country is very relevant. Today we offer an economical option for wastewater disposal, which even a beginner summer resident will cope with. The only problem and the most serious minus of our system is the requirements for minimum water discharge. But, even in this case, in the house it will be possible to install a sink for washing dishes, cooking, washing towels and rags.

Our option is a temporary wastewater system or a longer-term system, but with very little capacity to absorb wastewater.

Initially, we would like to recall the options that are possible in the country, and which we will definitely pay more attention in the near future.

High-quality country septic tank

A special element of a local sewage treatment plant that can be used to discharge and treat water. Today, among the many offers on the market, you can choose a septic tank for any requirements and amount, but still it is much more expensive than our simple system, which we will talk about very soon.

Cesspool at the cottage

A cesspool is a simplified option for discharging wastewater, which can easily be done in a summer cottage. You can lay out the cesspool of bricks, old car tires, pour it out of concrete or build it out of concrete rings.

In practice, such a sewage treatment plant normally copes with all the tasks, but, at some point, the pit will still have to be cleaned.

DIY sewage

The simplest sewer in the country

If the budget is set to zero, and it does not have allocated funds for an expensive septic tank or even a cheaper cesspool, we suggest you start building a simple sewage system, which will take the minimum amount and the whole day of work, which is the maximum. In general, you can build a drain alone, but for the work to go faster and more fun, it is better to start it together.

What is a sewer?

This is the most elementary sewer construction that can be in the country. It is a perforated sewer pipe installed vertically in a hole drilled in the ground. The principle of operation is simple - the water goes into the pipe, and through the perforation it enters the drainage layer, then the water simply goes into the soil. You can choose the parameters yourself, and the volume of wastewater will be calculated from the diameter of the pipe and its installation depth in the soil, but today we will talk, starting from our example, on which we understood all the features of the system.

Special requirements for country sewerage

Probably, this system can easily be called a sewage system, since it not only participates in the discharge of wastewater, but also is their destination. Unfortunately, the system has a number of requirements that will prevent its breakdown and exit from working condition, as well as prevent polluting the surrounding area with sewage and odors.

So, be sure to follow these requirements:

  • Do not discharge more calculated norms into the water drain;
  • Purify water as much as possible before discharge (install nets on openings in the sink, clean dishes from food residues before rinsing, try not to let fats into the drain);
  • Be sure to clean the drain once every two to three weeks, as the perforation necessary for water to enter the soil may become clogged;
  • Try to use this drain only for more or less clean wastewater, in no case do not connect a washing machine and toilet to it.

Do-it-yourself septic tank

How to build a do-it-yourself sewer

Tool and materials

Right away we need to choose a tool and materials, but there is nothing complicated here, and therefore we immediately promise that it will be possible to get by with a standard set.

First of all, a drill for a hole in the ground. It can be a motor-drill or even a more interesting drill, from a motor-block or special equipment, but finding such an hour or two of work is quite difficult.

Or a simple hand drill with which, of course, you have to puff.

We also need a hacksaw, a hammer, a drill with a drill, a shovel and a crowbar. Speaking of materials, this is a plastic sewer pipe, broken brick and gravel, a piece of roofing material or rubber to cover the upper part of the sewer.

Drilling a hole under a pipe

We begin to drill the hole with the drill that you have, having previously selected a place on the site near the house, where it will be easier to remove the drain from the sink.

During our experiment, drilling took place 1 meter in depth, respectively, we took a piece of pipe for further laying a little more, about 1.2 m.

Initially, drilling was quite easy, up to half a meter, that is, the layer into which the shovel penetrates well when digging, loosening fertilizer soil and water. Then it became very difficult, and it took about 3 hours to work. But at the same time, the hole for the pipe was drilled much wider than the diameter of the pipe, so that after installing it, we could sprinkle a hole around the circumference with broken brick and gravel.

Accordingly, when the drill could not cope, we used crowbar to loosen the soil layers with strong blows, as well as a shovel. At the very end of the work, the drill was used only to get the soil out of the pit.

Sewer Punching

Perhaps the simplest and even funniest process is to perforate the plastic pipe that we have chosen for stock. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, because any drill takes the material very simply. We made holes in the pipe thoroughly so that the water leaves faster. But you could always save yourself from such worries by buying a special perforated pipe in a finished form.

Pipe installation in a pit

Also a simple process, however, requiring attention. So, before installing the pipe, pour about 10-15 cm of broken brick and gravel to the bottom of the pit. Next, we install the pipe strictly in the center and, holding it, sprinkle it on all sides with the same gravel and broken brick. These materials and hold the pipe upright in the pit.

By and large, the main process is completed, it remains only to draw a conclusion from the shell of the country house.

How to make a sewer in the country

Connection of an output to the sewerage

The conclusion is very simple, and if it is ready, it remains only to connect it to the pipe. The conclusion is drawn through a hole in the wall, always at an angle. A corrugated siphon pipe is passed through the output, which is connected through an adapter to the installed pipe. At this stage, the home-made sewage system from the pipe is ready.

The amount of water taken by the sewer

You will need to save on waste so that the water has time to go into the soil, but this is even a plus, since in this case you will save on water costs!

According to our calculations, which were made on a pipe with a diameter of 11 cm and a length of about 1.2 m, approximately a bucket of water is placed in it. When we drilled holes in the pipe and installed it in the ground, sprinkling waste construction materials on the sides, this increased the allowable volume immediately to 3-4 buckets of water, that is, up to about 40 liters. In dry and hot weather, if this site is not watered, up to 150 liters of water, or even more, can be safely dumped into such sewers a day, because the water is constantly absorbed into the ground. This, it seems to us, is quite enough for washing dishes, cooking and other small kitchen affairs.

Increased drainage capabilities

We would not advise investing special money or your own precious time in increasing the capacity of this sewage system, since it will be much more correct to deal with a septic tank or cesspool, but if you have a desire, we also have a simplified option.

So, you only need to arrange something like irrigation fields near the pipe. It is simple to do this - you can dig a hole, say, 0.5x1 m and a depth of 30-40 cm near the drain-sewer pipe, and make an incision in the pipe itself from above, in the direction of this hole. The pit should be thrown with broken brick or gravel, and covered with a sheet of metal, roofing material, and covered with a layer of soil.

Thus, when the drain pipe is overfilled, when water can no longer enter the soil through perforation, the waste water will reach the upper hole directed to the pit and go into the pit itself. Of course, you can arrange everything more sympathetically, without a cut, but with the installation of the adapter and the discharge of the pipe into the pit. But, no matter what you do, it will increase the possibility of water discharge several times at once!

Once again, we have proved that saving at the cottage can be practical and convenient, because you must admit that drainage is a very necessary system that requires virtually no costs. This season we will constantly supply you with such information, because specialists are constantly working to improve their summer cottages and develop new and interesting opportunities. If you can tell us something, we will be very happy for ideas or comments in the special column below! You can also learn how to do your own septic tank drainage.


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