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Almost intimate topic ...)) Toilet! What is your like

That is why I do not always want to go to the country when it's cold - because there is a toilet on the street. Something urgently needs to be invented. Tell us how you arranged this business)


I can not disagree with you about the inconvenience of a street toilet) However, a few simple steps can slightly alleviate this problem. First of all, this is of course cold, I don’t want to run to the toilet at -20, but what to do) The building itself needs to be insulated so that it can be located at low temperatures, this can be done using polystyrene foam, upholstered with walls or filled if there is a possibility. It is also important to ensure that there are no holes or crevices where the wind could blow. And it is important to check the roof for cracks in which water can leak later, from which the toilet will be flooded, if they are available, you can try filling them with sealant. Also, it is necessary to install a comfortable toilet seat in the toilet itself, preferably made of wood or other material that will not become icy from cold weather.