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Country carts and cars: types and purposes

Country carts can be the most diverse and have a completely different purpose, but because we decided to consider this garden equipment in more detail, telling you about its characteristics and positive aspects. So, carts for giving, and what they can be.

Everyone understands what a standard country car or trolley is.. This is a device for transporting a variety of goods across the country and beyond its borders. A one-wheeled or two-wheeled device with a handle, a body, an emphasis, and maybe a towing device, will help you even with the most difficult work in the country. A quality cart will be useful for garbage removal, transportation of vegetables and fruits, during construction, for transportation of heavy stone, brick, cement and so on. In general, we can safely say that the trolley is an indispensable assistant that we need quite often.

What do you want to say about the carts? Only that they are completely different - wooden and metal, one-wheeled and two-wheeled, for manual use and for use in special vehicles, with different load capacities, body volumes and so on. Therefore, today we will give brief characteristics, show interesting photos, talk about the use of carts more constructively!

Types of trolleys for summer cottages

Incredibly, trolleys are used not only for transporting something, but also for decorating a summer cottage area, decorating and improving the landscape.

Decorative country carts

We often talk about how to fix the lawn at the cottage on our own, to tidy up the palisade and to ennoble the country house. At the same time, we recall a variety of crafts, decorative products that summer residents perform independently. These often include wooden carts that decorate a specific area of ​​the cottage. On such original designs are bags of straw, small shrubs, flower pots, and other decorations.

We present one example now. This is a homemade wooden cart and a little man who pulls her on the lawn. The product fits into the landscape of any country house very harmoniously, and making it with your own hands is quite simple. You can select a pair of small logs, timber or planks from common stocks, put together a cart, install it on wheels and decorate it with living plants.

The next example is a more serious wooden structure. This is a cart for harnessing horses. But, naturally, it is set on a lawn without noble animals, but just for decoration. It is also possible to place flowers on it, arrange a work environment with the transportation of any materials or country products.

Work trolleys for summer cottages

From decor to practicality, and from beauty to real use. Yes, the time has come to work, and right now we need not just beautiful trolleys, but high-quality, strong and durable assistants on wheels. These are wheelbarrows for transporting bulk building materials, garbage disposal, moving crops from the garden to the special storage. These trolleys are equipped with everything necessary to increase practicality and facilitate the work of the summer resident!

Carts for country transport

Many of us in the country have a special technique that helps in the work and significantly reduces the physical load of a person, taking on most of the hard work. These are motoblocks, ATVs, mini-tractors, home-made motorcycles for the garden, “ants” and so on. There are also trolleys for such equipment, but these are more serious trailers, with which you can transport certain goods over long distances. We present some examples below.

The trailer truck for work with heavy weight and volume, which is mounted on motorcycle wheels, has a serious strength towing device, as well as high sides.

Next, there is an onboard trolley trailer with which you can transport vegetables and fruits, construction materials. For convenience, all sides are lowered or raised and secured. Such a trailer can interact with almost any suburban equipment.

The main indicators of the quality of country trolleys

Regardless of our choice, trolleys and trailers should be of high quality for a long period, and for this it is very important to pay attention to the following:

  • The quality of production materials. For decorative products - good wood and treated with protective equipment, for workers - metal, wood and other high-quality materials, preferably new;
  • Technical features due to which such equipment can perform its tasks efficiently. Here it is worth noting the volume, carrying capacity, dimensions, stability, bearing capacity of the frame, shock absorbers for the best movement on the roads and minimal wear, sound wheels, a durable tow hitch and so on;
  • Build quality!!! For whatever purpose the cart is designed, no matter how well you are oriented in technical indicators and quality of materials, it is also required to skillfully put everything together. It is important to pay attention to the combination of materials, the ability to supplement technical features, the quality of seams, twists, bolts, nuts, studs and so on.

Remember, a high-quality cart for a summer residence, a decorative cart or even a power trailer is not only the original appearance in the new paint with a sparkle, but also the quality of all materials, mechanisms and assembly!

Practical and reliable country cart

Wheelbarrows and carts in the country are real helpers, without which, at times, it is very difficult. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, be sure to buy new equipment before the start of the season or tidy up the old one. Who is more creative can always make a summer cottage with their own hands, and describe the detailed process right here, in the form of comments. This article will tell about the country cart with your own hands.