Laminate care: what experts advise

Laminate care: what experts advise

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Laminate is one of the most popular floor materials, it is often used in country and country houses because of its many advantages. Therefore, it is advisable to consider how to properly care for the laminate, what needs to be done so that its original appearance is preserved longer.

Laminate Care - Easy but Necessary

Among the positive qualities of a laminate, its excellent wear resistance, strength, good tolerance to moisture, and, finally, the safety of this material in an environmental aspect, are always indicated. For each room in the house, whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or hallway, it is possible to choose the appropriate class of laminate flooring, which is optimally suited for operating conditions.

Among the advantages of the laminate is the ease of care, which, however, must be correct. If you violate the recommendations for the care of the laminate, there is a risk of the floor becoming worn ahead of time, making various creaky sounds, and quite unpleasant by ear. To avoid such problems, you just need to follow the rather simple rules for caring for the laminate, which in brief will be as follows:

easy cleaning every day;

purification from pollution by the correct methods;

Use of detergents approved for laminate flooring.

Laminate structure

Laminate consists of several layers, the top of them is a thin film made of acrylic resin, there is also a melamine coating. The task of this most important laminate layer in terms of functions is to protect the floor panel from moisture and dirt particles, to protect it from physical damage and ultraviolet rays. This film also does not adhere to dust, so you can usually limit yourself to vacuum cleaning once a day and carry out wet cleaning a couple of times a week.

In view of all these important functions of the top layer of the laminate, the strategic task is to preserve it in integrity with the help of the right care measures.

To maintain an attractive appearance, special varnishes designed specifically for the laminate floor are used, which, in addition to aesthetic qualities, will also enhance its protective properties.

How to wash laminate flooring

Of course, it is necessary to wash the laminate so that it does not accidentally cause damage to its surface. When doing this for the first time, select a non-eye-catching area of ​​the floor and try a detergent, if the result is normal, you can expand the cleaning area to the rest of the area.

For cleaning, you will need special detergents designed specifically for the laminate. The substances that make up them will not damage the laminate and can remove traces of felt-tip pens, glue, shoe cream and other difficult-to-remove substances. If the stain does not want to be washed off, acetone can be used as a solvent. When wet cleaning is important, wipe the laminate floor dry to prevent stains that would spoil the appearance of the floor, especially if the coating has a glossy finish. The easiest way to do this is with the help of a modern mop, the mechanism of which usually involves the high-quality squeezing of a rag. Washing the floor, starting from the area under the window and moving to the door of the room, so that I do not have to walk around the freshly washed area.

And now specific recommendations on how to wash a laminate:

1. apply the product to a contaminated place;

2. wait a few minutes for the composition to work;

3. Using a damp cloth, wipe the floor, removing all dirt particles.

  • Traces of liquor, wine and most alcoholic beverages are well removed when treated with warm soapy water.
  • Means with a neutral PH usually effectively remove stains from wine, fat, chocolate, fruit and vegetable juices.
  • To remove traces of children's creative activities (traces of felt-tip pens, pencils), as well as cream for shoes, lipstick, ink, you can use a solvent, acetone, methyl alcohol.
  • Gum particles, wax particles are removed only after hardening with a scraper, then the laminate is treated with a recovery paste.

Fighting scratches and dirt on the laminate

It is not required to polish and rub the laminate; it is not parquet. It is strongly not recommended to resort to metal washcloths, cleaning products that contain acids or alkalis, and also do not like laminate flooring and cleaning with abrasive materials. All of these items and substances can harm the laminate.

Naturally, those parts of the laminate floor that have the greatest mechanical load wear out faster than others. In the presence of children or animals in the house on the laminate floor, scratches often occur.

To bring the laminate in its original form, it is necessary to apply a repair composition of a suitable color, which will effectively remove the scratch, even the deepest and most noticeable ones.

There is also a problem with the creak of the laminate floor, which occurs due to non-compliance with the rules during installation. Improper installation can lead to swelling of individual sections of the floor and warping boards. In all these cases, it is best to replace the damaged floor with a new one, which is usually not very difficult, since a modern laminate almost always has a lock connection, greatly facilitating the repair process.

What you need to know about laminate flooring

It will be interesting to us to listen to your advice on the care of the laminate floor and its operation in the conditions of country houses.

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