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Illumination at the cottage: choice, advantages, installation

Illumination at the cottage: choice, advantages, installation

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Lighting of the summer cottage is important not only in a festive setting or in winter, combined with a fluffy layer of white snow, but also simply in the dark. Today we will consider the illumination in the country and practical lighting for any well-known occasion.

Of course, the conversation should start with the fact that each occasion has its own illumination. Thus, for winter there will be enough simple blue or white light, the rest will be done by snowy mountains and reflections. You can also judge about expensive country houses, where it is possible to start the illumination under the roof and in the garden, and thereby get not only a proud and rich look, but also standard lighting for the evening.

We knead all the reasons for lighting the cottage in a single set, dilute it with beautiful photographs and season with a story about how you can make the original illumination in the cottage with your own hands. You just have to draw conclusions, and complement us or chat with each other in the comments.

Simple illumination in the country

We offer to start with the simplest option, where an inexpensive duralight is used. These are special light tapes in a large assortment. Colors, sizes, luminous flux, number of lamps per unit length, and so on, in general, are easy to choose. Installation of such illumination on the house, arches, walkways, arbors and small architectural forms occurs with the use of special plastic clips. Also, it is possible to fasten a duralight in the country territory on plastic collars, without clamping them all the way, so as not to damage the light strip.

Duralight can draw whole pictures, giving buildings and lawns different colors, emphasizing landscape design or simply gently lighting the garden in the country. This is really an inexpensive and practical material, with the help of which any forms are easily created.

Decorative illumination of a summer residence

When working with decorative lighting of a summer residence, it is advisable to choose LED strips that can produce more than one, or even several colors and shades. A certain type of light tape can even contain fifty of the most varied colors, but at the same time require special retrofitting. Working with LED tapes is simple and convenient, but you need to know a lot - to calculate, create a plan, solder the tapes together, create a picture and correctly adjust the load. To install such an illumination, you will need an additional power supply unit, controller, dimmer, solder, solder wires, profile for installation. But, by and large, you can cope with the work yourself, simply by specifying the process with the seller.

How to choose an illumination for a summer residence?

In this case, you can build on the cost and the manufacturer, which will be the most correct. We always believe that the price of an average price niche is justified and a little higher. Lighting elements are cheaper - poor-quality and it is difficult to get a guarantee on them. Very expensive - a complete waste of money for a promoted brand and advertising. It is better to choose a manufacturer of light tapes that has a good reputation for itself, has high sales and does not particularly praise its goods, is in demand among a wide variety of consumers and constantly collects positive reviews around its range.

Having chosen the manufacturer, you select the characteristics, color, sizes, and then, according to the purpose and requirements of the tape length and the light beam itself, additional equipment that will help ensure high-quality and trouble-free operation.

Remember, you can always arrange a nice decorative illumination with the help of duralight, but if you want variety and really beautiful illumination at the cottage, it’s worth choosing LED strips a little more expensive.

Advantages of LED strips for illuminating a summer residence

Like any product, the products we are talking about today must meet your requirements, and therefore, attention should be paid to the advantages of light ribbons.

Illumination in the country

Let's go in order:

  • LED strips for providing decorative illumination and high-quality illumination at the dacha are not expensive; they are a medium-sized niche product for which you do not have to save money for years, limiting yourself to the most necessary;
  • The tape is very easy to install and, as sellers say, absolutely anyone can explain how to install and connect this kind of illumination, to whom everything was explained in order;
  • Tapes do not spend a lot of electric energy on backlighting, that is, they are economical, and also do not overheat and do not carry any danger;
  • You can always choose special LED-tapes and RGB-tapes for giving, with which you can easily beat the exterior and create an illumination in those images in which it was not previously represented.

How to mount the illumination in the country?

Installation of LED strips takes place in several stages:

  • Immediately you choose the tape and additional equipment for installation, based on calculations of power and compliance of power supplies;
  • Next, prepare the installation site - the surfaces on which the tape will be fixed in the future;
  • After preparation, the tape is installed on special clips, clips or in boxes and profiles that provide the longest service life;
  • The tape for illumination installed in its place in the summer cottage is connected to the power supply;
  • You make a test and, if everything is correct, turn off the illumination and put it into action already in the evening.

If installation of an LED strip is too much for you, you can always order installation and connection from professionals, for example, from sellers, where you selected a strip and equipment.

What may be the illumination in the country

Illumination in the country - this is not only the use of inexpensive duralight and more expensive LED strips, but also special illumination of paths, decorative lighting of the garden and buildings, special lights for the garden and other devices that together will help recreate exactly the picture that you have painted for yourself!

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