How to build a treehouse

A treehouse is the dream of any child, but not every one of us understands how to make it a reality. That is why we have prepared detailed instructions for the construction, with the characteristics of the materials and the correct sequence of construction.

Treehouse - a complex building for any summer resident, and the reason for it is some features. Firstly, the base, which is not installed on a solid surface, but remains in the air, in limbo. Secondly, the design device, which is unusual and must comply not only with safety and reliability standards, but also be carefully thought out in terms of building around one or more vertical supports.

Please do not tackle this matter if you:

  • Not ready for the challenge;
  • Unsure of their own abilities;
  • Do not have experience in construction;
  • Not ready to work with drawings and exact dimensions;
  • Experiencing about expenses and trying to save on details.

Each such argument is a limitation, because failure to comply with important safety and building quality requirements can lead to unpleasant consequences !!!

If you are full of energy and desire, have repeatedly worked with wood, metal, frame structures or just engaged in construction in the country (arbors, outdoor showers, fences, etc.), you can proceed with the construction, but only adhering to the work plan.

We make a construction plan

At first glance, this is the simplest plan and estimate, but it is necessary to take into account all the design features, it is imperative to adhere to the choice of high-quality materials and fasteners, locking technologies on vertical bases and so on. But, by and large, if you are building a not heavy and not big house, for games of one or two children, and even on several supports or on the trunk of an old and powerful tree, then you can not resort to space calculations. All that will be necessary in this situation is to try to do everything correctly, with accurate calculations, not forgetting that your children will play at the height!

When drawing up the plan, it is necessary to take into account the location, density of soils, as well as pre-determine the tree or several trees on which the house will be built.

Choose a tree and make preparations

Choosing a tree is very simple. It should be with a thick and powerful trunk, not old and not decrepit, preferably straight.

The tree will need to be prepared for the construction of a house on it. To do this, all the undergrowth interfering below is removed, branches at a height of several meters are cut so that you get one or more trunks, which will become the basis of your structure.

Choosing a tool for work

They say that a good master easily copes with a construction with just one ax, but we will not tempt fate and complicate the task, because quality can be obtained with a good tool. Therefore, we choose professional devices for working with wood. It should be a hammer and a mallet, a hacksaw and a circular saw, a grinder and a drill.

As related and consumables, we need to prepare the water level, tape measure, pencil and paper, bolts and nuts, screws and ropes, angles and special fasteners.

In addition, we will need materials to protect the building and its decor - impregnation, varnishes, paints, as well as tools for work - brushes, containers, etc.

Do not forget about providing amenities and your own safety, use plastic glasses, gloves, a respirator, as well as tight work clothes.

We build the base of the house

Having chosen a place and a tree for construction, having bought all the tools and consumables, materials and protective equipment, we proceed to hard work.

Previously, the base of the tree house should look something like in our photo.

As you can see, this is a solid structure that rests on a tree trunk and supports. Naturally, everything will be simpler for you, but it is worthwhile to understand that the correct and reliable construction of the base looks exactly like that.

For the construction of this type of platform, it is required to fix supports around the tree, which must be dug in and concrete. To increase stability, each support can be equipped with an arm belt, which will seriously interfere with the vibrations and swing of the supports.

The depth of installation of the supports is not less than 100-120 cm. The diameter of each support is 15-20 cm, if it is a log, and approximately 15x20 cm, if a beam.

Remember that for the durability of such supports they should be pre-treated with linseed oil and varnish, and the part that goes into the ground - with solid oil, oil working off, and other similar materials. In addition, during concreting, spacers should be installed for the supports, so that the supports do not lead during the drying of the mortar.

Installation of the platform on the supports

The platform must be strictly horizontal and with the correct weight distribution, so that all supports and trunks of a tree or several trees have the same mass. It is also necessary to provide for the moment of subsequent equipment of the game house, so that redistribution in the wrong direction does not work.

To build the platform, choose high-quality material, but not too bulky and heavy. A timber of 5x10 cm or 6x10 cm will be enough for the production of the frame.

One carrier is fixed immediately, horizontally, and always with three connection points to avoid deflection in the middle. To do this, the beam is mounted on two supports, and its middle part is fixed on the tree trunk, which is in the middle.

Fastening is carried out using bolts that pass through the contacting parts through. You should not use screws or self-tapping screws here, because the design should turn out to be solid.

We sequentially install all the carriers, as in the first example, be sure to observe the levels and quality of the fasteners.

If the house is built only on trunks, without additional supports, then special struts are installed under the extreme parts of the carrier platform, which provide stability and additional bearing capacity.

These spacers are installed on the through bolts and are well clamped, but be sure to take into account the possible growth of the tree trunk in the near future. To do this, on each side of the fastening, it is possible to enclose materials that will create ultimate strength only for a certain time, for example, several years. It can even be a burlap folded in 4 or 8. It will immediately give the desired density, and after a couple of years it will sag under pressure or grow into the bark. Thus, the density of the attachment is not lost.

Flooring base - floor

Bearing beams and supports - this is only the beginning of the construction, then we build the base for the flooring. It is already much easier with it, because there is where to lay the transverse carriers - directly on the frame.

The frame may look something like the photo below. It must be durable and withstand heavy weight, ensuring safety.

Do not forget that even the transverse base under the flooring must be fixed well. Here you should use special plates or a metal corner, which will not allow wooden materials to sway and spoil the stability of the structure.

In addition, you can always buy specialized parts that are designed for the construction of wooden buildings. They look like this:


When the foundation is ready, well tested and completely satisfactory, you can proceed to the flooring. Here it is worth using a trimmed and polished board, which should be pre-sized and cut.

In addition, we recommend that you check the quality of the material in order to protect children from splintering and other troubles in the future. This can be done visually, or by checking the material by touch.

Now make a flooring plan. We need it for the reason that in the middle we have at least one tree trunk, which will need to be circumvented. By the way, that is why it is necessary to create additional near-barrel platforms on which you can rely in this case.

Using a professional tool and preliminary marking, we cut boards for flooring in the house. Once again we check the finished material and set it to its rightful place, sequentially fixing the board to the board for self-tapping screws.

Construction of walls, railings and stops

The platform for construction is completely ready, and now it remains for us to limit the space inside the house, and this can be done with the help of strong walls.

To erect them, we need to create foundations around the perimeter of the platform. To do this, you can attach to the beams of supports or even to the base of the floor platform. The main thing is to tighten the walls along the entire outline of the house, thereby creating the strength of the walls.

The production of restraints and walls will require additional costs of timber and boards from us, but thinner material can already be used here.

Remember that the safety of children depends on the seriousness of the approach to the construction of walls and limiters !!!

Roof device

Like any home, ours should be covered so that the cool kids are not taken aback by the cool rain. The construction of the roof is quite simple. Often, this is an ordinary and inexpensive canopy or a special lightweight roof made of polycarbonate or ondulin. But a framework is also needed for it. It is mounted on the upper part of the walls, which we have already built and pulled together, and is also mounted on tree branches up the trunk.

As a result, you can get a similar base under the roof:

Building a staircase

Here is one of the most popular options for stairs for such structures. Of course, it can be done differently, sometimes it’s even a rope ladder, but only you can choose!

The form and practicality of the stairs should be considered last, because initially only security. Of course, if the tree house is located at a very low height, then the staircase can be decorative or even exclusive, but for houses higher it is worth attaching stairs and railings to the stairs.

Finishing, protection and decor

Now finishing and protection, for which we use all the materials described above. Also, it is worth using wood preservatives so that insects or weather conditions do not spoil your work after a few years.

After, the decor of the treehouse, the placement of children's furniture, pillows and blankets, a table for tea parties and other accessories necessary for games and recreation.

Construction of a tree house (video)

Building a tree house is hard, but only on the part of compliance with all safety rules and requirements. The rest is almost a standard building, with which we often intersect in our own country house.

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