How to choose, install and decorate a gate for a summer residence

How to choose, install and decorate a gate for a summer residence

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High-quality fences of a summer cottage (fences made of stone, forging or wood) must be supplemented by reliable and convenient gates. Today, our article is devoted to the selection of gates, their installation and light decor.

The acquisition, order or production of a door to enter the country house occurs simultaneously with the replacement and installation of the fence. This is very correct, because the fence, gate and gate should be made in the same style, be equally reliable and durable.

Criteria for choosing gates for giving

It is very right to choose products based on a combination of materials, as well as similar bases. The installation of a wooden door with a wooden fence and gates is considered to be correct, a tree with forging looks great (but not just with individual elements, but in a soft dressing of materials), forging with polycarbonate looks original (the gate is selected on a forged basis with polycarbonate inserts), and so on.

The general view was chosen, which means it is worth taking care of the strength and reliability, which is important. Be sure to order or make your own high-quality gate, because it is it that is the entrance to the courtyard. Watch for the reliability and protection of production materials, correctly select accessories, handles and locks.

Particular attention should be paid to constipation. They must correspond to the level of protection that you have determined. Try to choose high-quality locks, preferably several, for example, a standard lock and an internal deadbolt, according to the classical standard.

Determine the installation method in advance, because very often the gate and the fence are installed at the same time, which means they can have common support posts. Much of the installation process depends on the material and its weight, do not forget about it.

Next, we would like to focus on popular production materials.

Gates for giving from a tree

The classic version, which is not very expensive and reliable enough. Wooden doors can be made of timber, planks, thin laths on the base, side cuts of logs and other materials, even from a blockhouse. Quite often, wooden elements are combined with metal, forged, plastic, which not only increases practicality and durability, but also improves external data.

Country gates from corrugated board

Recently popular material has proved to be quite good in cottage construction, and therefore similar elements are made from corrugated board very often. At a cost - this is an average option, which can not be said about the strength and durability of the appearance. From the decorative side, everything is not bad, but any mechanical effect is clearly reflected on the plane of the corrugated board.

Almost always, country doors made of corrugated board are a sheet of material mounted on a metal frame (profile pipe or iron corner).

Polycarbonate Gates

We have already considered visors and awnings, fences and greenhouses made of polycarbonate, and therefore we have an idea about the material and its characteristics. Long-lasting, durable, polycarbonate, which can freely withstand any weather conditions, also has good external indicators, and therefore is suitable for decorative fencing in the country.

Gates using polycarbonate are made on a metal basis, can be created using forged elements.

Shod doors for giving

As usual, an expensive and reliable option, durable and very attractive in appearance. The characteristics of high-quality forging have been known to us for a long time, but the cost of such fencing elements is also understandable. Therefore, if the gate is needed for a new summer residence, expensive design of a cottage territory or a country villa, then you can try this option, but if we are talking about a budget product, then it is better to pay attention to the previous ones.

How to install a gate in the country

If you are interested in installing the product yourself, we recommend that you pay attention to the articles on our website, where we talk in detail about the installation of fences. It describes in detail the process of selecting materials, preparing the territory and the general work plan. Most often, the installation takes place general - a fence, gates and a gate, but if we are only talking about the entrance to the courtyard, we will remind you where to start.

At the very beginning, it is necessary to mark the territory for installation, mark the installation of poles, determine the weight of the gate and its general parameters.

After, you should install the support posts, which can be concrete, metal or wood, align them and secure with concrete.

A couple of days after the installation of the supports, when the solution dries and gives the necessary strength, you can hang the gate, install the necessary fittings, embed the lock and handles, decorate the outer canvas.

Product Decor

Perhaps the most interesting part of our article, and therefore we ask each reader to read a comment or share their ideas. In the meantime, we will offer our own decoration options.

Locking element

Previously, very often it was possible to meet a locking element in villages and summer cottages in the form of a piece of wire or chain that simply threw itself from the gate onto the support pillar. Thus, the door was fixed in a single position. In terms of reliability and high-quality protection, such an accessory is not very suitable, but very much to decorate the overall appearance. Pay attention to the interesting concept of the element presented by us. This is a wire that is threaded through pebbles. Now this is not a simple piece of metal, but a real decorative “lock” that pleases the eye.

Decoration with plants, herbarium

We present to you the following option, with which you can originally decorate the entrance to the summer cottage. This is a nice bouquet of autumn leaves, which is gossip in a certain form and simply fixed on the door leaf. This can be done from dried herbs, flowers, or a composition of various plants.

Decor by living plants

In addition to moss, nothing can be planted on a wooden plane, and therefore we need a special container for plants - a small container in which it will be possible to arrange a hinged flowerbed. We have kept this idea since that time, as we told you about vertical beds in the country. As you can see, we continue to use all previously acquired knowledge.

Before us is a wooden door with a small container of metal, where the substrate is placed and pretty flowers are identified. Is not that very original?

As you can see, you can beat absolutely everything at the summer cottage, even wickets that we only selected and installed a couple of minutes ago. Therefore, we again recommend that you often pay attention to your own fantasies and original solutions, because everything can be realized in beauty and harmony!


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