Staircase as a design element of a country or country house

Stairs - an important design element, which should combine beauty and practicality, ease of use. They always attract attention and the task is to make their appearance aesthetic pleasure. Materials for the manufacture of stairs use different (metal, wood, glass, plastic) and it is important that it fits into the general design concept of home decoration.

House style and staircase design

Being a large and therefore noticeable interior element, the staircase should fit 100% into the style of the house. If the interior of the country house is designed in the classical style, then the right choice would be stairs made of wood, which are called "noble" - beech, oak, mahogany. It will be optimal to choose a marching type ladder of a rotary option. All sorts of excesses and pretentiousness are out of place here, straight railings have a strict design, the steps are quite wide and comfortable.

But in a house whose style can be described as modern, it is appropriate to install a spiral staircase - wooden or made from a combination of steel and glass.

The simplified modular version of the staircase fits well into the minimalist style. Such a staircase devoid of accessories does not look heavy, but on the contrary, causes a feeling of lightness.

Fans of the high-tech style should look for a staircase on the wall for the house, which is attached to the wall and looks extraordinary and modern.

Convenient staircase for a country house

The most comfortable option should probably be called a flight of stairs with a width of at least 1 m, of course, with a railing. The angle of inclination of the stairs should be made gentle enough so that the descents of the ascents do not resemble the conquest of the peaks of the Himalayas and did not have to frantically grab the railing because of the fear of not coping with the steepness.

Naturally, all materials should be used only in high quality, the optimal size of the steps is 15-18 cm and not less than 25 cm in width.

Wooden stairs for a country house: important nuances

Wooden stairs are the most common type for a country house, we will dwell on them in more detail. There is a big difference in the approach to choosing a wooden staircase for a country house (in which they live in arrivals) and for a country house (in which they live constantly). This is explained by different climatic and operational conditions that are formed in these dwellings.

They rarely live in summer houses in the winter, so there is higher humidity, cold reigns, because an empty house is not heated. These circumstances are very desirable to consider in the design and decoration of the stairs for the country house.

House to house strife: the difference between the microclimates of a country house and a country house

The most influential factor is the operating conditions of the stairs in the winter. What microclimate is formed in a country house under the influence of heating appliances? The answer is warm, with a low percentage of moisture. And the dried air also causes the wood to dry out, weathering moisture out of it, which affects its size.

Heating devices emit infrared rays, which also dry wooden structures, in order to reduce the impact of this factor, heating devices are located at a distance of at least 1 m from the stairs.

In the country, we have the opposite situation. In a country house depopulated for the winter, cold or even frost reigns, which is accompanied by high humidity, which can reach 100%. Naturally, the stairs are saturated with moisture and add in volumes.

What kind of stairs is needed for a country house

Having studied the difference between microclimates in both types of houses, we find out which stairs will be the right choice. At the cottage, where humidity is very high and there is a great need for ventilation, you can improve the ventilation of the stairs if you open it without risers and install it slightly off the wall.

In a country house, ventilation is not so important, therefore, here more often they make closed stairs with risers.

Choose a tree species for the stairs in the country, you need one so that it absorbs moisture to the least extent. According to this indicator, pine is the best, then - larch. Oak is somewhat worse, but ash and especially beech absorb moisture very strongly, so it’s better to refrain from using them for stairs in a country house. We recommend that you learn how to build stairs and steps for the cottage with your own hands.

Stairs for a country house

High humidity must be taken into account and when choosing a staircase covering, it is recommended to use oil paints or elastic varnishes, which are less susceptible to moisture. We recommend reading the article on a spiral staircase made of wood in a country house.